Why should you become an EHL blog contributor?

With very little effort, you can dramatically improve your odds of success: blog your ideas, opinions, or thoughts around what you are passionate about!

Shh... We're going to let you in on a little-known secret. With very little effort, you can dramatically improve your odds of success: blog your ideas, opinions, or thoughts around what you are passionate about! We know that adding more writing to your already-packed EHL workload can seem like an exercise in torture but it presents valuable perks.

It Gives You Superpowers

Sure, blogging won't help you don a cape or wield a mighty sword; however, it can greatly increase the odds of academic invincibility. Many students falter when it comes to academic writing. Blogging for EHL’s blog, however, can make dissertation writing - as well as any other form of academic writing - far less daunting and stressful, much more manageable and reasonable, than it otherwise would be. When people write frequently, their writing improves and the ease at which words roll onto the screen flows much smoother.

It Demonstrates Leadership

For all sorts of reasons, demonstrating leadership at the university level is a win-win. Blogging for EHL is an excellent way to show this leadership. It proves that you have the ability to contribute something new and valuable to the hospitality industry, while also demonstrating that your skills differentiate you from your peers. It helps you earn respect among colleagues, professors, and potential employers as well. To be sure, blogs are rated as the fifth most trusted resource of accurate online information, thereby helping you attain cred on and off campus.

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It is the Front-Row Pass to Exclusivity

Think of professional blogging as a ticket into an exclusive club. It allows you to attend conferences in the field you write about, interview industry experts, become a go-to resource, and...

define and refine your point of view to get the attention of those in your chosen field who may want to hire you. Being a blogger, in short, provides a credential as well as carte blanche to explore an area where you may currently be a neophyte, explains Forbes magazine.

It Proves the World is Your Oyster

Blogging isn't just about sharing what you already know. It also involves copious amounts of research into topics that you may have only dreamt about understanding. It's about sharing the information floating in your head, sure, but it's also about sharing what you're learning along the way. Here's a helpful analogy to illustrate the point: When you set out to wash the dishes, your goal is to clean the dishes - not your hands. However, it is your hands that wind up clean first. When you blog, your goal is to educate readers; however, to do so, you must become educated first.

Just remember, the number one content strategy for most companies is blogging. This means that no matter where your career interests take you in the future, acing the skill of blogging is bound to help.

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