Take the EHL Lausanne culinary crawl

In EHL's Master Class in Culinary Arts, students have 3 hours to visit 18 of Lausanne's top dining spots. Play along by hitting up these restaurants and bars.

For EHL students, some of the biggest lessons come from the city and not the classroom. Every yer, we give Masters in Culinary Arts students three hours to visit some of the most influential restaurants and bars in Lausanne.

Not only do students get to enjoy this beautiful city from a food and beverage perspective, they see class lessons reinforced in the real world. Whether you're planning a trip to Lausanne or want to explore hospitality as a career, here's where you need to go.

1. Bar Tabac

Tea, tapas, and a wide selection of international beers make Bar tabac a favorite meeting place.

2. Café Mozart

With takeaway pizza and beers, CafĂ© Mozart draws students. A rotating menu and outdoor terrace add freshness and flair to this casual cafe. 

3. Oenothèque Midi 20

A global wine importer and wine bar with tastings by the glass, Oenothèque Midi 20 makes wine accessible.

4. Au Chat Noir

Au Chat Noir's rotating daily menu features fresh, seasonal, and artisanal products seasoned with care.

5. Bagel on the Way

Bagel on the Way delivers fresh juices, smoothies, and New York-inspired bagel sandwiches with Swiss-made ingredients, such as locally smoked salmon and Swiss beef pastrami.

6. Brasserie Artisanale du Château

Neapolitan pizza and housemade beer make this a crowd-pleaser. Locals know this is one of the best places in the city to grab a craft pint.

7. Café La Couronne d'Or

This brunchtime favorite offers rustic and simple food, much of it gluten-free.

8. Pavillon Bar & Kitchen

Classic fare and inventive cocktails in a thoughtfully designed setting make this a popular dining spot. Don't miss the terrace.

9. Blondel

No Swiss food tour would be complete without a chocolate shop! Blondel offers a wide variety of chocolate sweets, plus other confections like pate de fruit.

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10. Le Kiosque

A centrally-located cafe perfect for drinks, light meals, and pastries,Le Kiosque gets the little things right.

11. Eligo

Creative food, a good wine menu, and thoughtful service make this a must-try. Choose between a la carte and tasting menus.

12. Bottle Brothers

With artisanal cocktails and a nightly rotation of DJs, there's always something surprising at Bottle Brothers - and that's part of the charm. There are four different locations, each with a subtle twist on the menu offerings. All deliver a festive atmosphere with plenty to eat and drink.

13. Chez nous quoi

Part restaurant and part educational kitchen, Chez nous quoi is a casual and friendly lounge with a dedicated kids' zone. Stop in for coffee and a croissant with homemade jam or visit at lunch to try out the interactive fridge.

14. Ta cave

With great wines, cured meats, and artisan cheese, Ta cave offers gustatory pleasures. The first crowdfunded wine bar in Switzerland, it's expanding to Geneva as well.

15. El Gaucho

This Argentine outfit has a shop and food truck. While empanadas are the focus, there's also alfajores dulce de leche, and chimichurri.

16. Galerie Port franc

A family-run vintage furniture store? Yes, but it also sells coffee, tea, and lemonade at its onsite coffee bar, Curiosi-Thés. Come for the unusual setting and great vintage flair, stay for the drinks.

17. Zoo burger

Homemade buns and locally-raised beef burgers with Swiss Gruyere and vegetable toppings? It doesn't get much better than this.

18. Vintage wine bar

Close out your crawl with one more wine bar showcasing Swiss wines in an elegant setting.

Visit all 18 of these hot spots in 3 hours or less to beat our students' time, or take your time sampling the tastes of Lausanne.

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