How do sports reveal characters at EHL?

20 Mar. 2018

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. At EHL, the sports committees are symbolic of EHL students' unique team spirit and excellence.

Check them out:


EHL Dance offers an opportunity for students who are passionate about dance to gather and perform during school events such as Fête Finale and Fête Unishows. EHL Dance also offers complete beginners opportunities to learn various dance styles through our weekly workshops.

Events organized: Dance workshops (Hip-hop, JazzFunk, Latin, Popping, Breakdance), Dancenight at La Ferme (held at the end of the semester)


EHL Cheer –stunts, dance and fun!

The Cheerleading Committee promotes a strong team spirit which is fostered by training together and keeping a positive attitude. We aim to improve physical and interpersonal skills during our 90-minute practices each week. Our coach teaches us new stunts in a safe environment and we practice dance routines together that we can show during performances. In the Cheer family, friendships are created between students from different origins and in different academic years! Both men and womenwelcome.

Events organized: we perform at several school events throughout the year. Every team member takes part in the creation of our shows.

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EHL Basketball Committee aka The EHL Eagles, is a closely knit group of individuals with one common passion: basketball. The Committee is the primary link between the student body and the EHL Basketball entourage -beit team, amateurs or beginners. Our main objective is to promote Basketball activities within the school with a strong focus on The EHL Eagles Basketball team - to raise awareness, gather supporters and bring The EHL Eagles closer to the EHL community. The EHL Eagles is a part of the local corporate basketball league and actively participates in the yearly tournament.

Events organized: we organize events at school, focusing on getting together and enjoying a few drinks in a traditional "American Fraternity" setting-previous events in collaboration with the EHL Wolves such as American Sports Night and "The Overtime".

Golf (EGC)

Founded in 2013, EGC is willing to give their best to make you discover and improve your golf skills.

Events organized: EGC Challenge, After works


EHL F.C. represents both the committee and the 3 teams: EHL 1, EHL 2, EHL Ladies. The teams are part of the LRF, but also play independently against other hospitality management schools. Skilled and energetic, our players show their worth on the field. Still striving in the leagues and finalists of the cup, the teams are always battling for first place. Try-outs are held every semester bringing in the new passionate players with different experiences and abilities.

With the support of the committee, through advertising and events, the fans are increasingly growing. The committee seeks maximum exposure through creative marketing for the large events they organize. All football lovers at EHL are involved, through various events. Be it showing Champions League games, organizing indoors and outdoors tournaments or even trips to watch decisive games abroad. Join us and share our passion!

Events organized: La Ferme becomes a Pub (After works, watching Football tournaments), Trips abroad (Champions League)


Rugby is a sport which cultivates the ethics of team work and friendship like no other. The bond between our players at EHL is renowned and described as “the rugby Family”. Not only does our reach extend to the students but also to our alumni network, one of the pivotal strengths EHL has to offer.

Each year we welcome back an increasing number of Alumni for the annual “Alumni rugby weekend”, a chance for the past students to meet the current ones, and the new ones to meet the old ones. Within the plethora of events we offer students, the “EHL vs Glion Rugby Game” really stands out. The event perfectly defines what rugby is about! We are competitive, we are a family, and our ultimate goal is to provide the most exiting time to EHL students.

Events organized: Rugby Night (charitable auction), Tour de Lausanne by night, Mallorca beach rugby tour, Salzburg Touchrug by competition, Alumni Weekend, Weekly Rugby fixtures, Quiz nights at the Great Escape, Mallorca girls rugby tour, Rugby Afterworks.


EHL Wolves is a nice hockey team playing the amateur championship ("ligue lausannoise“). The team is composed of EHL students and alumni who want to have fun, but also try their best to win as many games as possible. It is a great opportunity for all players to get to know alumni with the same passion for this incredible sport. The dynamics that create when playing a "contact" sport are unique and enriching.

Events organized : the Wolves play 18 games during the season. Each semester, the Wolves organize an “American night” in collaboration with the basketball team.

EHL Watersports

EHL watersports is a committee dedicated to water sports lovers, especially sailing, diving, rowing, wakeboarding/waterskiing. We are in charge of the “EHL Spirit”, the sailboat of EHL. We have a sailing team doing main regattas on leman lac and a rowing team also competing on the leman lac. Watersports is represented by 20 very motivated students that are waiting to share there passion with you.

Events organized: we propose different activities and initiations for sailing, diving, rowing, wakeboarding/ waterskiing and one extra different watersport every semester.


EHL Mountain connects students with mountain life, hosting unique events at special locations around Switzerland. These are a few of our favourite things: Climbing, Skiing, Skate/Snow-boarding, Hiking, Sledding and Socials.

Events organized: mountain scooter and fondue session, Jazz Underground lake tour and more.

EHL Martial Arts

EHL Martial Arts or fighting sports such as boxing are perfect for people looking to get fit in a funnier way than running.Boxing makes you burn an average of 1000 calories in an hour... but you have fun running!

What are you waiting for ? Our committee organizes weekly boxing and kickboxing classes with a professional coach.

EHL Club Automobile

The EHL Club Automobile is for all Car Lovers out there. We are always looking for passionate members who have great ideas about car events and conferences. It is one of the newest committee here at EHL and our goal is to increase students awareness about us and our events.

Events organized: McLaren conference, Karting race, Road trip to the factories and museums of Lamborghini and Pagani, Roadtrip to the museums of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

There are over 30 committees, associations and student projects at EHL which together make up an important part of EHL Student Life. If you have not explored them yet, let’s get to know all committees and how they contribute to the vibrant life of the EHL community.

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