EHLfamily: 2011, Social & Environmental Responsibility

8 Dec, 2016

The 2010-2011 academic year was dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. By doing so EHL aimed to contribute to the promotion and construction of a better social and environmental future. One of the first concrete examples was the “no printing” day, in November 2010.

On a long term perspective, first plans for a didactic permaculture garden were made at that time, which aimed to raise awareness about the origin and quality of products. All preparatory year students would therefore have the opportunity to participate in workshops in the garden.

The first 100sqm were put in place in 2011 in order to evaluate the feasibility of the project. Only a few months later 200sqm were allocated to the garden. By 2014, EHL’s permaculture garden reached 500sqm and a hive was installed.

Today, between 200 and 300 plant varieties are cultivated. Half of them are flowers and the other half fruits and vegetables.

In 2015, 60kg of honey and 870kg of fruits and vegetables were produced. They were mainly used at EHL's gastronomic restaurant, Le Berceau des Sens, and donated to Caritas, a charity, during the summer closure.

As part of the development of the future campus, the garden will be slightly moved and a greenhouse will be created to allow all preparatory year students to explore the garden.

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