Culinary Arts: Snacked foie gras and crispy strawberries recipe

The chef of the Berceau des Sens, Cédric Bourassin, shares with us one of his recipes published on the Gault & Millau website.

From stared restaurant tables to embassies, the new chef of the Berceau des SensCédric Bourassin, has acquired a unique expertise that he shares with students and clients in our Michelin Star gastronomic restaurant.

Today we share one of these recipes published on the Gault & Millau website:


  • 10 foie gras escalopes of 80g each

  • 500g rhubarb
  • 75g sugar
  • 15g grated ginger
  • 1g vanilla powder




  • 500g rhubarb
  • 150g of sugar
  • 25g grated ginger

  • 200g strawberry vinegar
  • Marigold flowers and watercress
  • 30g dehydrated strawberry

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  1. Cut the rhubarb sticks 5.5cm long (save the scraps for the chutney) weigh the sticks and marinate with the rest of the ingredients, flat in a cooking bag.
  2. Keep in the fridge for 24 hours.
  3. The next day, bake them in a steam oven for 1 hour at 63°C then cool in ice.
  4. Glaze with the cooking liquid and reduce it.
  5. Marinate the ingredients (rhubarb cut to 0.5cm thick) of the chutney in a vacuum bag in a cool place for 24H. Drain (keeping the juice well) then sweat the mixture in a large roundel, gradually adding the liquid as it dries (until the desired consistency is obtained).
  6. Snack in a frying pan the foie gras on both sides, put them in the oven on a rack for 14' at 120°C and serve immediately.

Picture & content: Gault & Millau