An EHL student at the Red Bull Youth America’s cup

29 Aug, 2017

With 114 nationalities represented, EHL undeniably attracts students from a variety of backgrounds. One thing brings them all together: their passion for the Hospitality Industry and their exceptional extra-curricular endeavors. We recently spoke to one of our Bachelor students, Jérémy Bachelin, a two-time participant of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, and this is his story.

About the Red Bull Youth America's Cup

The Red Bull Youth Americas Cup is an international sailing competition created by Austrian double Gold Medalists Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher. The regatta was launched in 2013 in San Francisco with the purpose of identifying the world’s top young sailing talent, as well as preparing them for the America’s Cup which is taking place simultaneously.

12 teams of young sailors aged 18-24 are given the unique opportunity to represent their country, with Switzerland among the 12 teams with its very own Team Tilt. In 2013, the teams were allowed to use the same racing boats also used for the America’s Cup, the AC45 catamarans, which can reach up to 35 knots. Converted, that equals a speed of an incredible 65 kilometers per hour.

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A dream come true

Jérémy Bachelin started sailing at age 13, and, in his own words, now spends most of his weekends on a boat. He is a member of Switzerland’s Team Tilt, and participated in the first ever Youth America’s Cup in 2013, as well as the recent 2017 edition of the competition.

Explaining the selection process to join Team Tilt, Jérémy says:

They have chosen team members based on first a CV that each of us, 35 people, needed to send in. After that, it was also based on physical condition, because the boats are very physically demanding.

While being able to participate in this prestigious event was a dream come true for Jérémy, he also describes some of the challenges he faced.

To be able to participate, have enough time to train and to be part of the team I had to put my classes at EHL on hold. I had to take six months off to dedicate 100% of my time to this sailing project.

Now ready to restart his classes at EHL in September, Jérémy reflects on his journey.

In the beginning, there was a lot of pressure because well, there are a lot of people following us and we do after all represent Switzerland, so you want put on a nice show and get a good placing. We started off with some difficulties, but we managed to address them and then to finish with a victory in the qualifying.

Jérémy explains how the team got to know each other well through many shared hours spent training together to ensure peak performance at the regatta in San Francisco.

This resulted in Team Tilt finishing in a solid fourth place in 2013, narrowly missing the podium by one point, and then in an even better performance in 2017, when the team achieved the desired place on the podium after the teams from Great Britain and New Zealand. 

Sailing and the hospitality industry are quite complementary

Jérémy also touches upon the similarities between sailing and the hospitality industry, with both requiring, in his opinion, absolute attention to detail and hard work behind the scenes.

He elaborates that service needs to be improved continuously, while Team Tilt is looking to improve their manoeuvres each time to retain their ability to stay competitive. 

Finally, Jérémy explains: This (sailing) is a professional project, not just a hobby; it’s really hard work, where every morning you get up to work out at 8 AM and it involves very carefully planned out days. It taught me a lot of professionalism and of maturity in all my endeavors.

Author: Emilie Suter, EHL Bachelor Student

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