EHLfamily: 1997, First graduates in Jari

EHL Alumni | 3 Aug, 2016

One of EHL's most famous association was created in 1996. EHLsmile is a non-profit organization run by EHL students and staff. The goal of the association is to ally students' knowledge in hospitality with a socially responsible project.

In 1997 the association’s first project materialized into concrete results: The first graduates of Jari Hotel School, a vocational training center in Ethiopia, obtained their diploma. Guided by responsible tourism, the school supported 16 to 20-years old orphans, living in the Jari village, an orphanage run by Terre des hommes.

Respect of the local culture, protection of the environment and the use of local products were daily priorities.

The former Director, Mr Aeschlimman, accepted that EHL students undergo their 6-month internships in Jari in order to create the center. Thanks to his support, many projects have become a reality over the past twenty years.  As a head figure of the association, Ms Clara Blanc initiated more projects in Madagascar, Cambodia, Togo and most recently in Bhutan.


Clara sadly passed away in 2015, however her passion for the association continues to live on through young, dedicated and committed students and members of the EHL community.

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