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5 Dec, 2016

Gastronomy Culture: Chocolate or the Drink of the Gods

Chocolate has many common uses. Although most people associate the word “chocolate” with something sweet, it has not always been synonymous with indulgence associated with...

28 Nov, 2016

The Hotel GM and the Importance of a Strong Network

A hospitality management school alumni association is like an extended family. Comparable, perhaps, to a hotel’s staff.

25 Nov, 2016

Private Jets or The “New Standard” in Air Travel

The topics of luxury, exclusivity and uniqueness have long been discussed by hospitality professionals as points of differentiation that may be vital to success of an hotelier....

21 Nov, 2016

EHL's MBA in Hospitality: a New Highly Flexible Program

With 80% of the curriculum available through a novel distance learning platform, busy professionals will be given access to EHL's unique learning experience without getting...

21 Nov, 2016

EHLfamily: 2010, a new Director

Before becoming CEO of EHL Group, Michel Rochat was the General Director of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, a position which he held since 2010, back when EHL was home to 1700...

18 Nov, 2016

Postcard from my Internship in Bangkok

EHL bachelor student Amanda Chan has spent some time during her 6-month internship in Bangkok, Thailand. Today, she shares her tips for a city primarily appreciated for its...

15 Nov, 2016

Cyber-security: are hotels serious about it?

In today’s connected world, data management has become one of the top priorities of hoteliers. Information about guests preferences, interests, social life and much more is...

14 Nov, 2016

What Luxury Means to the Ones Who Create It

Anyone thinking that the luxury sector is slowly being phased out by the low budget sector or the hoteliers' foe, AirBnb, should start thinking again.  While listening to the...

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