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22 Aug, 2016

Storytelling Through F&B: How to Marvel your Guests?

We have often been told that, compared to the Rooms Division, F&B venues in a hotel are an insignificant contribution to the total revenue.

19 Aug, 2016

EHLFamily: 1999, Fête Universelle

EHL’s Alumni Network counts today more than 140 different nationalities.

19 Aug, 2016

Postcard from my internship in Cape Town

Cape Town There is not only a great deal of out-door activities to do such as hiking, surfing,...

15 Aug, 2016

Arts & Hospitality: a Positive Association - Part 1

The encounter of arts and hospitality is not fortuitous. Albeit through different channels and experiences, both human activities trigger sensations and appeal to emotions; as...

12 Aug, 2016

Tea and Cocktails - An unexpected Marriage

The role of tea in the making of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages spans many generations. Tea’s growing popularity among consumers across the world furthers research on...

10 Aug, 2016

EHLfamily: 1998, First campus extensions

In 1995, in order to cope with the increased duration of the program (from 5 to 6 semesters), major changes had to be made on the campus infrastructure.

3 Aug, 2016

EHLfamily: 1997, First graduates in Jari

One of EHL's most famous association was created in 1996. EHLsmile is a non-profit organization run by EHL students and staff. The goal of the association is to ally students'...

1 Aug, 2016

When Gastronomy meets Haute-Couture

Who would have thought that the fusion of fashion and food could be such a success? This unlikely alliance has shaken the gastronomic and fashion industry in a gourmand trend. ...

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