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30 Sep, 2016

Why starting University in the Spring might be ideal for you?

During the last year of high school students make a series of big decisions that will shape their future. Deciding on when to start university is one of them. Depending on...

27 Sep, 2016

How Luxury Hotels Cater to the Unique Customer Experience

When you think of luxury hotels, what comes to mind? Is it a mountain of soft pillows and ultra-high thread count sheets, a balcony with skyline views, or the opportunity to...

23 Sep, 2016

EHLfamily: 2004, The last congress

The EHL Alumni Association used to hold a global meeting every two years, taking place in all corners of the world; the first “Symposium” took place in 1977 in Paris and...

23 Sep, 2016

Guest Acquisition Costs Continue to Rise

Guest acquisition costs continue to escalate at the same rate as room revenue growth, and if other hotel industry costs begin to increase sharply as well, the industry as a...

16 Sep, 2016

EHLfamily : 2003, The Power of Networking

In 2003, only few months before some major changes for the EHL Alumni Association, EHL held a Networking Forum at the Chalet-à-Gobet campus. Around 150 students, alumni,...

16 Sep, 2016

Postcard from my Internship in Brussels

EHL bachelor student Edouard Bes has spent his 6-month internship at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide in Brussels. Discover his tips in exploring and making the most of the c

12 Sep, 2016

Arts & Hospitality: a Positive Association - Part 2

Let's continue our exploration of the encounter of arts and hospitality. How can museums become more attractive places to spend time, and how does this matter relates...

9 Sep, 2016

EHLfamily: 2002, 3 Forks Awarded to BDS

Only two years after it’s opening, EHL’s first "open to the public" gastronomic restaurant, Berceau des Sens (BDS), was awarded with three Forks in the 2002 Swiss Red Michelin...

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