EHLfamily: 1990, Portable Computers

EHL Alumni | 1 Jul, 2016

Same as calling parents in fixed phone cabins whilst smoking, imagining studying without Google’s support is almost impossible for our younger generations of students. Believe it or not, personal computers were introduced for all students at EHL only in the nineties!

For many decades EHL students had been using typewriting machines and were complaining about their weight. The first PCs were actually not much lighter – 6.5kg for the M111 Olivetti Model!


As part of the official school material, students were provided with a “personnal micro portable computer” starting from the 1990 September intake. This was a first in the education field in Switzerland, placing EHL among the most innovating schools in Europe.

Information technology classes were introduced in order to familiarize students with this new tool. Service and kitchen theory classes soon started to be taught on computers!

Back then, the huge added value of this technological improvement was to allow students to work at home and not only in the dedicated computer rooms at school.

Today, EHL is using technology in various ways, even to recycle plastic bottles with an innovative waste management machine called canibal.

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