EHLfamily: 1980, Robert Lugeon

EHL Alumni | 9 Jun, 2016

Amongst EHL’s most remembered teachers, Mr. Robert Lugeon definitely has a spot.

In 1980, he celebrated 15 years of teaching kitchen demonstration classes, he marked many generations of students by his charisma.

According to Mr. Lugeon himself: "Students would not miss his class only to see what misadventure would happen to him next".


He was nicknamed, amongst others: Poster Sticker, “Demon” – stratif of Demonstration, the (not  so Chinese) Dragon of EHL, the (charm) Tamer, the (verbal) Kitchen Whip or the legal expert who knows and can do anything.


Retired in 1999, after spending 34 years at EHL,  Mr. Lugeon still attends many EHL and Alumni events.


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