EHLfamily: 1904, a new address at avenue de Cour

EHL Alumni | 20 Jan, 2016

“We need our own home, and we will get it" 
Jacques Tschumi, founder of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Since EHL’s foundation in 1893, Mr. Tschumi had the ambition to find a real “home” for his school. In 1904, and thanks to donations, including one from the famous hotelier Cesar Ritz,


The property consisted of two large study rooms, a dining room, a reading and music room, a reception desk, sanitary rooms to accommodate 34 students, central heating, electric light throughout the building and other service rooms, as well as a beautiful park.

More than 5000 square meters of land were available to the students including a tennis ground, facilities for gymnastics and other games. The initial 6 month course had been extended to a year and during school holidays (July-September), students were placed as volunteers-sommeliers in season hotels.

Today, more than 26.000 m2 are available to our students and by 2020/2022, a new and innovative campus will cover 60.000 m2.

New buildings will emerge soon and we will shortly request your contribution and creativity.
Stay tuned!

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