EHL breaks a new Guinness World Record!

EHL Editorial Team | 16 Dec, 2016

4 men, 1 record - Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne broke its first Guinness World Record on December 15, 2016 with the biggest "Pâté en Croûte" baked at once!


Four famous leaders of the practical and culinary arts team gave an outstanding gastronomic performance which led EHL to break its first Guinness World Record! Fabien Pairon, Romain Pellet, Christian Ségui and Damien Vancauwenberghe created and baked in one single bread oven the biggest Pâté en Croûte worldwide: 160 cm long and over 86 kg. Exceptional teamwork, passion, and support from co-Chefs is what led our sensational experts to achieve their goal!


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Not only did this world record involve teamwork and culinary skills, it also required advanced planning and management skills in order to find the right way to achieve the aimed goal. 


Whether students are gearing up for a bachelor degree in international hospitality management or are enrolled in a master-class, their education starts with practice arts.

"Practical arts enable our students to apprehend teamwork, acquire self-esteem and know-how, understand the profession's requirements, as well as customer demand. It will also technically and physically prepare them at the best in order to start their entry in the hospitality industry. In brief, working the topic helps developing the spirit." explained the four recordmen.  

Master Class in culinary Arts
Master Class in Culinary Arts
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