A Look inside the Connected Kitchen

EHL Students - Bachelor | 24 May, 2016

Some people are not passionate about cooking but still want to impress their friends and family. Some others would like to cook more often, but can’t because of their busy schedule. And then of course, you have millennials, who are revolutionizing the world as we know it, demanding for digitalization in every single aspect of their life. As a consequence, companies in the food and tech industry are constantly designing new technologies in order to transform the way we cook, drink and dine.

Several restaurants around the world (such as Inamo in London and Ultraviolet in Shangai) have already integrated these technologies in order to improve their productivity as well as to create an innovative customer experience. But what about our kitchen? Will it look the same in 10 years from now? Certainly not once the following 6 smart objects will be available in the market.

Imagine a table that could recognize the ingredients you place on it and recommends others to create a succulent recipe. Well, that is what students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology together with design consultancy IDEO have imagined for Ikea’s new interactive table. Probably the most impressive feature after the projection of recipe instructions on the table is the possibility to use it as an induction hob. Yes, one will be able to cook directly on the wooden surface.

Somabar won Best Home Appliance of 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We could therefore not leave it out of this list. It can be described as an app controlled robot bartender. After ordering your cocktail online from a selection of over 300 different recipes, your personal home mixologist will thoroughly mix your drink and dispense it right into your glass. Can you see the appeal?

Have you ever had trouble following a recipe online? Converting cups into grams or not knowing what is to be considered a big or medium size egg? Drop is a Bluetooth-enabled kitchen scale that will make sure you never fail another recipe again! Connected to the iPad app, it guides you step-by-step. 

Wine lovers, this is the latest innovation you want to be investing in. This amazing product could not have been invented by anyone else but the multinational company iFAVINE, headquartered in one of the most popular French wine regions: Bordeaux. iSommelier is a smart decanter that filters the ambient air to remove any impurities and diffuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine. It decants your wine in only minutes while keeping its full flavors and aromas.

Ever wondered what is really in your food beyond the nutrition label? Tellspec is a food scanner that allows users to identify calories, macronutrients, allergens, fiber, sugars, and other relevant nutritional information such as the glycemic index found in a specific nutriment. The information is gathered at a molecular level which permits extreme precision. It can not only revolutionize the way you eat but can also be considered as a medical tool for diabetics for example. 

Hologram is the way to the future! We see various applications of this technology but this one might be my favorite. The Global Chef kitchen appliance allows people to take virtual cooking classes from chefs around the world. One can also choose to cook and dine with friends or family that live miles away. 

Author: Paola Bellia - EHL Bachelor Student 
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