10 amazing perks of dating an EHL Student

EHL Students - Bachelor | 10 Jun, 2016

It's no secret that there are plenty of eligible bachelors around and their number is growing. Many social economics factors are put forward to explain this trend but an important reason may well be not having found the ONE.

Gather a group of college students over Cabernet and you'll invariably hear how hard it is to meet someone romantic, educated, good looking, etc.

Well, ONE thing is certain, they have not yet met an EHL student. Indeed, dating someone from the hospitality industry presents many perks and here is a (completely biased!) short list:

Everybody expect a hospitality professional to exhibit good behavior, be polite, attend to customers’ needs, etc. EHL Students and future hospitality leaders see these anchored in their teachings and code of conduct. So naturally, most of the time, they are on their best behavior and will (almost!) never embarrass you in front of friends or family.


Self-Grooming is not vanity. How you dress says a lot about you and about the image you are presenting to the world. EHL Students are preparing for a profession where they have to always be well-dressed and well-groomed as they are the face of the company they work for. They therefore know how to present themselves in the best possible way. Ladies, if your boyfriend has a beard, rest assured that he will conform to the expectations of our Ambassador of the EHL Values: Mr. Christophe Laurent. 

The hospitality industry is often referred as the people’s industry. Indeed, a lot of the work relies on the understanding and relationship with customers, partners or other staff members. EHL students are therefore comfortable in crowds and enjoy gatherings and events of all sorts. Prepare your outfit because you will definitely be invited to the most popular cocktails in town.

Start your international studies at EHL

Sometimes you see couples sitting in restaurants not talking. That obviously doesn’t mean that their relationship is doomed but isn’t it nice to share life with someone who can share fun but also interesting stories? EHL students have often been raised in different countries and travel regularly, so they know a lot about the world and the different cultures. They will share their knowledge, experience and engage no matter the topic. The answer to the question “How was work?” will never be boring.


It is a known fact: EHL students are more attractive than the average university students (at least according to us!). Is it the dress code? Or simply their natural beauty? No one knows but we can all agree that even if the brains are the most important, eye-catching and charming is always a plus.

We all love indulging ourselves: A new pair of shoes, a sporting excursion, a day at the spa, a trip to an exotic country, etc. EHL Students are no exception. They enjoy the best things in life and amongst them is certainly food. As they learned with some of the best MOFs (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France), the classical pasta dish may transform itself into a 5* dinner. Bon appétit!


EHL students undergo an intensive program and their life does not stop at the door of the classroom. From never-ending group meetings, late working shifts, study-marathons before exams, campus events, social life, sports and committee activities, they unquestionably know how to cope with stress and big amounts of work. It is a definite advantage for anyone who share their life as it guarantees that they will be able to handle the organization and coordination of almost all household requirements.

EHL Students’ agenda are filled up with meetings, coffees, business lunches, networking events and professional requirements. So receiving an invitation from them is a proof of dedication and love! If they are making the time to meet you, it is important for them. Be honored.


What about spending your Christmas holidays shopping in London? Or your summer on a beach in Bali? EHL Students are encouraged to travel whether thanks to their internships or other activities like international fairs. They therefore make great partners in crime and will not hesitate to jump in a plane last minute to an unknown destination. If you like exploring new horizons, you will be served and never spend another boring holiday at home.

Working in the hospitality industry comes with many perks but also various unexpected and eccentric situations. EHL Students are qualified to adapt to different environments and stay on script in any circumstances. You will therefore be able to rely on them and not worry about the possible outcomes. They will support you through all situations even the most embarrassing.

So, what are you waiting for! These 10 perks should be enough to convince you to investigate where the next EHL student gathering is taking place and make sure you join the party. You may well find your prince or princess charming there.

Author: Jonathan Rahm, Bachelor Student

ps. Thank you Tanima for the inspiration.

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