The experience of flying private

There is only one way of flying that can accommodate even the pickiest client, and that is – via private jets. Discover the Experience of Flying Private.

The ability to bypass queues at check-in, arrive minutes before departure and have every single request met, are all coveted characteristics of anyone who has ever travelled by plane. There is only one way of flying that can accommodate even the pickiest client, and that is – via private jets.

As discussed in our previous article regarding the private aviation industry, there are many key players in the field who are in the business of providing superior flight experiences. Then again, it is the combination of efforts that leads to an impeccable, detail-oriented customer experience.

An impecable experience from A to Z for customers

For the clients, the journey begins as soon as they are picked up and transported to the VIP area of the airport for private jet clients. While they wait for their bags to be moved on to the plane, complimentary champagne and appetizers are served, allowing clients to peacefully enjoy the process without the fuss of regular check-in. Next, the plane is ready for boarding and clients can make themselves comfortable and proceed with work or take some time to relax. Throughout the flight the crew’s immaculate service leaves nothing to chance and fulfills any demand with the utmost attention to detail. Upon arrival to the destination, no time is wasted and clients can be transported to wherever they need to be without the inconvenience of long luggage waiting time.


After having flown in one of the Dassault Falcon 900DX, one of the members from Corporate Jet Investor shared his opinion: “It is the attention to detail, the lack of fuss and the impeccable service at both ends of your flight, which give you a better understanding of why so many business travelers are able to justify private aviation’s premium price tag”.

An opportunity to understand the product for interns

As part of their internship program, LunaJets’ interns have had the opportunity to experience a flight in a private jet with all the typical services their clients would be receiving.

“As a sales team, we need to understand what we are selling it before we sell it”, says Petr Balabin, a former intern at LunaJets.

Darya Morotskaya, also explained that the company wanted its employees to see all the steps and how everything works. They passed through the special FBO (fixed-base operator) and were offered complimentary drinks before going on to the plane and flying to Bern.

“It was amazing, we did not have to wait for anybody and we were just few meters away from the terminal”, explains Darya.


Still a luxury

With the growing amount of intermediaries who offer reduced prices for private jet flights, it may seem like flying private is losing its luxurious status and has become more accessible. However, it is not necessarily the case according to LunaJets’ CEO Eymeric Segard:

“Flying private still is, and will always be, luxurious – but we are making it more accessible by offering better prices than passengers are accustomed to”.

Former interns of the company also share a similar opinion:

“When you fly private you can be flexible and no matter what price you pay – the service is impeccable. Therefore, the good price you pay does not mean your experience will be less luxurious”, continues Darya.

To conclude, there is a variety of benefits associated with flying private which could be interesting for people who place high value on time saving and privacy. The experience has always been luxurious and will doubtfully lose its splendor any time soon, so if you are someone with a longing for conquering new heights – private jets may be just the thing for you.

Author: Maria Matskevich- EHL Bachelor Student

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