Study abroad: A lifetime of benefits

Choosing to study abroad when seeking success in hospitality and tourism management, sets a positive path for your career and gives you a lifetime of benefits.

Choosing to study abroad when seeking success in hospitality and tourism management is not only smart, but offers rewarding benefits that will enhance a career in this industry. Indeed, students gain important skills that can give them a head start in their endeavor.

Here is a short list:

Bridge language barriers

There’s something special about studying abroad that can’t be achieved through standard college matriculation in your home country. Study abroad offers expanded opportunities to learn a second, third or fourth language. And this not only promotes cross-cultural communication but also allows students to see the world first-hand, experience new landmarks, taste different foods and understand customs. This is key in succeeding in the hospitality and tourism management industry.

EHL is Swiss excellence with global reach. What I'm most proud of when I talk about EHL are the experiences we had both in and outside of the classroom.
Markus Marty, AEHL 2008 and Founder & Creative Director at 'make it nice'.

Increase employment opportunities

International experience contributes to increasing employment opportunities, even more so if you can include international internships in your program of study. Coming to the table with hands-on work experience in different parts of the world as well as a history of navigating a number of different cultures opens doors in the hospitality industry, as well as for many international jobs in other industries. Your international experience helps to position yourself to potential employers as an adaptable global contender who embraces new challenges and seeks out opportunities for growth.

EHL opened my mind to a world full of opportunities to start my career. My first job after school was with a hotel and restaurant consulting group. Something that I had never thought about before.
André Hüsler, AEHL 1990 and CEO of Saviva, M-Industrie.

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Expand your network

Study abroad expands your circle and network of colleagues, which helps when seeking opportunities in different markets. The connections made between students, faculty members, and others can beef up your portfolio and position your resume for quick consideration. A strong and active international alumni network is one of the most important things you will keep long after your studies have ended.

What is special to me about EHL is the sense of belonging to a very large family of like-minded people; the closeness in which we all lived alongside each other for a few years bonded us forever.
Marie-Laure Fleury, AEHL 1992 and Resident Manager at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Philippines.

Enhance your education

Studying in a different part of the world can be exciting. It exposes you to different styles of learning, customs and opportunities. You gain a new perspective on how the rest of the world operates. This educational experience will definitely give you a head start in the hospitality industry.

EHL gives you the best professional preparation as it is a mix of theory and practice. But never forget that this is a gift and a gift is nothing without hard work...
Pascal Riesen, AEHL 1989 and VP Knowledge Innovation Flavors at Firmenich.

Enhance personal development

Going abroad to study can also jump start your personal development in many ways. There is no substitute for firsthand experience, and diving into a new environment is a great way to gain new insights about yourself, and to grow on a personal level. The “soft skills” and self-confidence you will develop in this way are highly sought after by international recruiters as well as graduate school admission boards, and are one of the keys to success in your future career.

At EHL, I developed a much greater openness since I was in contact with different cultures.
Sarah Braendle, AEHL 1990 and Director of Hospitality Services at Clinique de La Source.

To sum up, studying abroad whether full-time or through semester abroad opportunities, can set a positive path for your career, and give you a lifetime of benefits.

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