Personal development is a lifelong process that starts at EHL

18 Jul. 2018

EHL students are strongly commited to their personal development and have therefore created committees to improve awareness and identity, develop talent and potential, build human capital, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of ambitions.


BABEHL is committed to building bridges across different cultures and languages at EHL. We offer the opportunity to connect with all the languages and cultures present in the EHL family. We organize language lessons, two by two language practice, cultural trips and theme evenings. If you like to be inspired by different people sharing a common passion for hospitality, this committee is made for you.

Events organized: cultural trips, language buddy program, language lessons.

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Knowledge and Improvement Committee

KIC, was founded in 2013 by two motivated students and has now grown to become a community of proactive students who work towards a common objective: offering an insightful and educational platform for students of EHL to enhance their extracurricular knowledge and concentrate on topics broader than the classrooms.

KIC not only offers short workshops with fulfilling and quality content from experts in the field, but also provides useful tools that can be used on a daily basis in their professional careers or personal life.

Events organized: Workshops (Strategic Digital Localization Opportunities, AdobeSpark-Digital Communication with Impact)

EHL Model United Nations

MUN will prepare you for the professional everyday life and give you the opportunity to attend MUN conferences around the world. With MUN you will improve your speaking and debating skills.

The academic simulation of United Nations aims to educate participants about current events, topics i ninternational relations, diplomacy and United Nations agenda. MUN offers an extra-curricular activity in which students get to develop their critical thinking and work on their leadership abilities and research skills. MUN promotes, defends and makes widely known and understood international affairs and United Nations liaison materials and information.

MUN teaches and instructs members to be Model Ambassadors and offers a level of confidence to members on the art of public speaking and Model United Nations protocol and procedures.

Events organized: debate during training and development sessions, visits to the United Nations Office in Geneva, group debates around a meal and a glass of wine.

Switzerland’s International Hospitality Model United Nations

SIHMUN is a destination for students from all around the world to achieve international co-operation insolving global problems of an economic, social, or cultural character focusing on the increasing Hospitality & Tourism industry.

Our vision is to build a thriving community of global and young collaborators, whose mission is to create worldwide awareness of the issues and opportunities of the Hospitality & Tourism industry and who are engaged in leading the change of tomorrow for all future generations. We engage to create knowledge and solutions where passion and purpose come together.

Events organized: SIHMUN is a conference organized by EHL students taking place at EHL. With over 600 delegates set to attend from more than 60 world renowned higher educational institutions, a truly wonderful experience awaits them.


The scholarship committee is composed of scholarship holders. We raise awareness to sponsors and organize events to help raise money for the commission. We assist the scholarship commission in external relations and help them develop and promote the online boutique, as all profits go to the scholarship fund. Those profits are to help the scholarship commission to offer more financial aid in the future.

Events organized: Classical Night with Apéro (ft. Music Committee)

There are over 30 committees, associations and student projects at EHL which together make up an important part of EHL Student Life. If you have not explored them yet, let’s get to know all committees and how they contribute to the vibrant life of the EHL community.

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