Our young alumni have some advice to turn your life into a success story

With graduations fast approaching, EHL invited young alumni to come share their experience and advice with current students during its latest Success Stories event.

With graduations fast approaching, EHL invited young alumni to come share their experience and advice with current students during its latest Success Stories event.

Here is what they had to say:

Nathalie et Damien Robert, AEHL 2010/2011, La Maison du Château, Allaman

Nathalie graduated in May 2010. She started working in Event Management with UEFA and shortly moved to the medical device industry where she organized sponsored events all around the world for approx. 5 years. Damien got his Bachelor a year after and went straight to the financial industry where has been in charge of private clients on different international markets. 3 years ago they decided to grow the family and the story of “La Maison du Château” started.

Their advice:

  • Never take anything for granted
  • Follow your dreams
  • Learn to delegate from day one

Arnaud GOLAY, AEHL 2017 & Benoit BRYAND, AEHL 2018, Paleta Loca, Lausanne

Paleta Loca is a local start-up from Lausanne that makes ice lollies known as Paletas (a Mexican type of ice cream). It was created Arnaud and Benoit during the summer of 2016, while they were both still studying at EHL. Arnaud graduated in February 2017 and Benoit just graduated (last February). When Arnaud finished EHL, he started working 100% on Paleta Loca in order to help the business grow as fast as possible. At the moment he manages a Bagel restaurant in Lausanne part time, alongside Paleta Loca. Since his graduation, Benoit has been focused on Paleta Loca as well as working part-time in a restaurant in Nyon.

Their advice:

  • Use your EHL network
  • (Try to) be organised
  • Take it step By step
  • Take about it Anywhere and everywhere
  • Try to enjoy every single moment

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Raffaela Marangoni, AEHL 2013, Llaollao

Raffaela graduated in 2013. She worked for 2 years as a management assistant at Vapiano restaurant in Zurich. In 2015 she opened the first (and only) Frozen Yogurt shop in Switzerland called llaollao. A year later she created her own company, Ramaran Sarl, bought back the Frozen Yogurt shop and signed with llaollao headquarters the Master Franchise for llaollao Frozen Yogurt Switzerland. Today, there are 4 shops in Switzerland and 3 more will open by the end of this year.

Her advice:

  • Open your ears
  • Follow your intuition
  • You are not going to end up where you wanted to be
  • Always wait the next day before taking a decision

Alexis Jacot, AEHL 2007 & Neville Walker, AEHL 2013, MIAM Café, Miami

Alexis graduated in 2007, worked for Lenôtre and Procter & Gamble European headquarters in Geneva before moving to Miami with his wife in 2012. He opened MIAM café in 2014. Neville graduated in 2013. He worked in Barcelona and New York City respectively in a hotel restaurant and for a catering company. Alexis and Neville met through the alumni network.

Their advice:

  • Find good people to work with that you can trust… You can’t do everything just by yourself on a long term.
  • When creating a business, you will make mistakes and have challenges… get over it. There is always a solution.
  • If you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, go for it… but be flexible…
  • When you are preparing your budget… always plan to have buffers. If your budget is already tight at the beginning, it is going to be very complicated in the near future.
  • Patience and a strong work ethic are key.
  • I also strongly believe in lead by example.

Sheldon Jacquet & Pablo Charoski, AEHL 2015, Siradis

Siradis was founded in 2014 by Sheldon and Pablo during their last year at EHL with a vision: make healthy snacking and drinking available for all in Switzerland through distribution. After graduating in 2015, they worked at EHL for a year before working 100% for Siradis (since March 2017). With a portolio of over 20 brands and roughly 60 products, they are now becoming one of the leading wholesalers for healthy snacking and drinking in Suisse Romande and you most propably will have tried the numerous products they offer in the EHL Boutique and bars.

Their advice:

  • Be resilient
  • No need to reinvent the wheel
  • Get advice
  • Be aware of THE ROLLER COASTER

Michael Staub, AEHL 2016, Rosewood Hotel, London

Michael graduated “with High Honors” and as the Second Best Student of the Class of 2016. He started a 1-year Management Trainee Program in F&B at Rosewood London in August 2016. And was appointed Floor Manager in Holborn Dining Room, the grand British Brasserie part of Rosewood London, in July 2017. Earlier this year, Michael was the Winner of the Gold Service Scholarship 2018, the most prestigious Front of House Award in the United Kingdom.

His advice:

  • Make the most of your time at EHL – they’re the best 4 years of your life! Build your network – with your peers, the industry, your professors.
  • Take risks.
  • Have a mid-term goal: agree with your manager or on your own, for a growth plan, gain skills and be patient!
  • Find a mentor.
  • Don’t feel bad if you want to do a career in Hospitality, it’s a beautiful industry.
  • Do what you love, you will do a good job and success will just be a consequence.

Matthieu Jammers, AEHL 2017, L’Instant B, Lausanne

Matthieu graduated in July last year, had an awesome summer and started working on L’Instant B project in October 2017. The restaurant opened in November 2017.

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