Interested in arts & culture? EHL students are getting involved and so can you

1 Apr. 2018

Artistic talents and cultural diversity are at the heart of EHL student life and the below committees have invested the mission to promote them.

Discover how:


The Arts Committee upholds the creative side of the EHL life. We aim to have all students exploit their creative potential that otherwise would pass unnoticed.

Events organized: EHL Got Talent, a talent show hosting 400 people (during the summer semester) and EHL Got Artists, an art gallery (during the winter semester) displaying artworks from 30+ artists. Workshops to help you discover and improve your art skills.

EHL Photo

EHL Photo promotes student photographers, covering the photography for the majority of campus and student-run events. We organize events in which participants can demonstrate and improve necessary photography skills. EHL Photo is made up of several core members, the committee also has various photographers who volunteer to cover photography for events such as Fête Finale, Fête Universelle, Alumni panels, Afterwork Parties, andLike-Eat catered dinners.

EHL Photo aims to increase interest and awareness among the student body of the art of  photography, particularly in regards to subject and event photography.

Events organized: Photoshop Workshop, Instagram Workshop; covered photography for various events (YHS, Afterwork parties, EHL Rugby games, FF Afterparties, FF brunches, Fête Universelle, NoName concerts by Music committee, Acoustic Night.


Like-Eat passionate about gastronomy and want to share our enthusiasm through diverse, delicious and fun events. Our mission is to bring back the knowledge of Art de la Table, gastronomy and lifestyle at EHL.

Events organized: tastings, workshops, cooking and dining with "GrandsChefs", activities or parties combined with other committees, Street Food Social (9/11/2017), Jimini's Workshop, Tropical Party, Casino Night.

We Wine

We Wine is a committee that is represented by 30 people. Our goal is to gather the students with what they are all passionate about, wine culture. We meet once a month to do some tasting and talk about how we can improve the committee or which event we should create.

Events organized: tastings (wines, beers, others) on Monday, wine bars (a way to gather all the students, enjoy a glass of wine and some good music), wine trips(annually): we go somewhere near a vineyard, enjoy tastings and meals together. Millésime is an event that takes place annually and gathers 12 teams from around the world.

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In the heart of EHL, amongst the corporate and hospitality identities, lies an exclusive gathering of talented musicians from all disciplines providing and promoting Music as an art. We render our musicians with useful information related to the music industry, music performance and allow them to take their skills to a new level.

We are a family of passionate musicians from all over the world, rocking EHL since 2008. Our committee is a part of the committee base of the EHL.

Events organized: Classical Night with Apéro (ft. Scholarship committee), Acoustic Night: Soirée Sucrée (ft. WeWine ), …

There are over 30 committees, associations and student projects at EHL which together make up an important part of EHL Student Life. If you have not explored them yet, let’s get to know all committees and how they contribute to the vibrant life of the EHL community.

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