How EHL prepares you for a hospitality career?

Whether you're interested in hospitality, culinary arts, or the business side of the hotel industry, ESL can prepare you for the next steps in your career.

Tourism is on the rise across the globe, and the culinary arts sector is worth $1.3 trillion -- and still growing. Students seeking a meaningful and rewarding career will find many opportunities in the hospitality sector.

To rise in the ranks of a hotel or restaurant, students need the winning combination of skills, knowledge, and experience - something EHL delivers for its students. Find out how studying at EHL will prepare you for career success in hotels and restaurants.  

Supportive Network 

Perhaps you've heard the saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know." This holds true in the job search, where a strong and supportive network of professionals can help you find your dream job anywhere in the world. 

EHL has a supportive network of students and graduates who come together in Lausanne to study, grow, and get the foundations in their career. The alumni network helps students stage at restaurants or get hotel internships anywhere in the globe through EHL connections. This often translates into job offers - a win for both sides! 

Powerful Job Search Assistance 

While the alumni network is one option for students seeking advice and opportunities, EHL also offers powerful job search assistance. Recruiters looking for top-tier talent visit campus to interview students, and we also have close links with recruiters throughout the world. If you want to study what you love, then obtain a rewarding job in your dream field, you need a school that can deliver on the promise of education with recruitment assistance. 

World-Class Faculty 

We are proud of our ranking as the best bachelor's program for hospitality management, and we know that our world-class faculty drive this success. While many of our professors hold degrees from prestigious global universities, other faculty members continue to work in hotels and restaurants. By studying at EHL, you will learn both the theory and practice of hospitality from seasoned professionals at the top of their game.

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Four Pillars of Education 

There are four pillars to an EHL education, something that sets our program apart from other bachelors in hospitality management. We believe that students perform best when they understand how the industry works. Thus, all students start with a ground-up education in hospitality or culinary arts. 

After learning about the industry, students then study the management component. To build soft skills that will help students find success in the field, we encourage the development of interpersonal skills. Putting it all together, we then provide students with ways to gain hands-in experience. Internships and practica that reinforce classroom knowledge and build critical skills and resume experience. 

A World of Opportunities 

Our students may enter EHL with an idea of what they want to do, but they soon found out there's a world of opportunity, from jobs they never knew existed to consulting work that presents new challenges every day. Students are exposed to these opportunities throughout their education, as we believe the breadth of opportunities creates well-rounded graduates that are poised to find success anywhere they choose. 

Proven Success 

33 percent of our alumns have owner or CEO-level positions, and nearly 25 percent of EHL graduates are middle managers. As you can see, our alumns have risen to the top tiers of their professions and many are business owners outright. The numbers show that EHL graduates have the drive, skills, and knowledge to obtain high-level positions in their chosen fields. If you are serious about working in the industry, don't you deserve to study at a school that will prepare you for success? 

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