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Committees that focus on entrepreneurship, career development and networking.

Committees that focus on entrepreneurship, career development and networking.

Career Club

The Career Club is a business-oriented committee which aims to link the EHL students to the industry through networking events. The Career Club team organizes conferences, business trips, inter-university challenges, workshops and company visits.

Events organized: PreFair, visits to Nespresso Lausanne and Phillip Morris International Lausanne, LinkedIn Workshop, Saviva F&B Challenge, Finance Panel.

Junior Entreprise

JEHL is a consulting organization entirely ran by students. Our team consists of ambitious students from various countries, cultures and backgrounds, which allows us to benefit from a wide range of profiles. Therefore, the unique diversity within our team enables us to better apprehend the complexity of the entrepreneurial world. JEHL relies on the full support of EHL’s teachers and mentors and a privileged access to hospitality specialized resources (access to a network of experts, database, etc.).

Our Junior Enterprise represents a unique platform for our members, providing them with the opportunity to combine the creativity and knowledge acquired throughout their academic curriculum.

Events organized: we work on projects for companies, conferences or networking events.

Club des Entrepreneurs

Club des Entrepreneurs acts as a link between the student body and faculty of EHL, the AEHL alumni network, the incubator, future investors and the entrepreneur world, both at school as well as in the local area. We promote the ideas and spirit of entrepreneurship such as creating startups, finding sponsors and investors, meeting people with similar ideas and knowing how to get started.

Events organized: A Startup Story with Melissa Lou, Philippe Kung Entrepreneurial speech, meetup 100% Entrepreneurs.

Finance Club

“We strive to offer students the opportunity to develop financial core skills by providing aunique set of practical finance -related activities and promoting long-term relationships with industry professionals and other financial institutions.”

Events organized: workshops, speakers from the Finance industry for the whole student body, consulting project, committee trip (to gain visibility in the industry and amongstother business school).

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Young Hoteliers Summit (YHS)

The Summit has been hosted at EHL every year since its introduction in 2010. YHS attracts both students and professionals by taking advantage of its position as the most influential student -organized hospitality summit on a global scale. All participants are integrated to have a positive and meaningful experience from YHS.

Students work on a realistic, unique project in a resourceful learning environment and hospitality professionals receive a series of excellent solutions to their business problem. It’s a win-win situation!

Events organized: the annual Young Hoteliers Summit, held every March at EHL 

There are over 30 committees, associations and student projects at EHL which together make up an important part of EHL Student Life. If you have not explored them yet, let’s get to know all committees and how they contribute to the vibrant life of the EHL community.

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