EHL's 21st Career Fair

On the 13th of October, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne had the 21st edition of its acclaimed biannual Career Fair. At this edition, 200 companies visited the school to meet with our students and select and recruit the ones with the skills and knowledge as well as the personality and experience.

On the 13th of October, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne had the 21st edition of its acclaimed biannual Career Fair. At this edition, 200 companies visited the school to meet with our students and select and recruit the ones with the skills and knowledge as well as the personality and experience.

How students prepared themselves?

All the EHL students who have attended the Career Fair had prepared their CVs and done mock interviews for days and weeks to this day to find the place that fits their visions and plans to grow their career as well as enhances their skills and passion.

EHL’s Career Fair surely has its reputation across the industry. The Fair, which is exclusively prepared for EHL students and graduates, is an opportunity to see the limitless possibilities within and outside the hospitality industry, and it helps our students realize the different paths of their careers.

To helps students prepare for the Career Fair, the school, in collaboration with a student committee ‘Career Club’, internship office and the Industry Relations team, holds number of workshops including CV and mock interviews, so that the students can present their best at the Career Fair.

Which companies attended?

At this Career Fair, there were companies such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott International, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, which represent the traditional hotel industry, as well as brands like citizenM and the fellow boutique hotels. There were also many Food & Beverage companies, including the famous Ducasse Paris, the Paris’s new giant Italian scene-stealer The Big Mamma Group, and the Hong Kong’s favorite Black Sheep Restaurants.

Other than the traditional hospitality companies, there were also small to big companies that represent the following fields.

The reasons why these top brands always make their way to EHL to meet and recruit our students in person also relies on our strong Alumni Network. The hotel GM’s of each regions, CEOs and directors of many big brands are our alumni, and we can surely see the strength of our EHL Family at the Career Fair.

Insights by EHL student Woojun Lee

The Career Fair, which happens once every semester, is certainly our pride and an event where all students participate with enthusiasm. HR directors of the top hotel companies like Marriott International, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, and Hilton visit us on campus to recruit our APs for operational internship, our BOSC 4s for administrative internship, as well as our graduates. Not only the hotel companies, but also around 150~200 companies such as luxury brands like LVMH, consulting companies like HVS, and famous watch company Omega make their presences at the Career Fair. The Fair is good for all students including those who are not in hurry to find an internship or a job, because it provides a good opportunity for them to go meet, talk, and ask questions to the recruiters of different companies of all industry.

I personally have a strong affection and preference towards hotel companies, so I have looked at only Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, where I have done my first operational internship, as well as the fast growing Accor Hotel Group and STR Global.

I believe Career Fair is an event where all students and the industry itself can see and reflect on the very own values of EHL. The companies who have had great impressions of EHL interns and graduates are annually coming back to EHL to recruit again another EHL students. Better to not insert this negative quote: In fact, the title ‘EHL’ does not give us any privilege or advantage over other schools’ students nor does it guarantee a better positioning in the employment field.

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However, to be able to have all the big names of the hospitality industry and beyond in one place and to meet their recruiters who listen to your values and approve your skills and talents is definitely, without a doubt, the best opportunity and privilege of being an EHL student. Also, we can frequently meet the recruiters who are themselves EHL alumni, and it certainly motivates us to work hard to one day achieve and succeed in our career. For example, at this Career Fair, we had a chance to meet Christian Clerc, the President Worldwide Hotel Operations of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, who is our alumnus.

All EHL students learn about our industry for four years with a very well constructed curriculum. It may give the companies the reasons to prioritize EHL students to recruit; however, in my opinion, the companies continue to recruit EHL students because of their operational and administrative experiences from their internships as well as their group-oriented teamwork ability learned from the four years of group work at school. These experiences and capabilities of EHL students give the companies the chance to see the potentials in our students to quickly adapt and grow beyond their expectations.

The Career Fair usually starts from 9 in the morning and continues until 4 in the afternoon, during which the students can visit each company stand as much as they want. Normally, the students give their CVs and cover letters and briefly explain why they are interested in the company and trade the business cards; however, if you have made some good impressions or have applied in advance on the job platform, you can get 1:1 or 1:2 interviews on spot for an internship or a full-time job. There are also presentations by the companies. This time, there were Ernst & Young, Sydell, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Jumeirah Hotels as well as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts information sessions.

If you get admitted to EHL, I believe you will have your first Career Fair one or two months after your first day of school. It is indeed not easy to prepare for CV and cover letter in the midst of your long and busy schedules of AP workshops. However, your first internship affects your second internship as well as your first full-time job after study. Therefore, I hope that you prepare yourselves well to earn the best internship you can get and learn and live in the best place you can ask for. 

These days, there are many other schools that offer internships in their curriculum and hold Career Fair to help their students find the right employer. However, none of them are like EHL that persist to connect its students to the industry. EHL makes business cards for all students from AP. The students encounter so many opportunities to meet with the professional leaders of the industry and appeal themselves during their four years of study.

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