EHLfamily: 1994, HES Program

14 Jul, 2016

Already in 1992, EHL had expressed the wish to become the first hospitality school to be recognized as an HES (Swiss University of Applied Sciences & Arts).

To achieve this goal, the program was modified to comply with the requirements and an application was sent to OFIAMT, the Federal Office for Industry, Arts and Labor.

The 4-year HES program was launched with 111 new students on August 29 1994. It replaced the former program called “section A”. It offered a comprehensive learning approach of practical hospitality business skills, as well as management know-how, with subjects such as marketing, psychology or accounting.

EHL’s goal back then was to be, one of the first hospitality schools of the world with European culture, open to new trends in tourism, and officially recognized for its quality.

In order to emphasize this goal, the Board of Directors decided to open classes in English starting August 1996.

Today, EHL is the only Swiss institution in the hospitality field to benefit from the HES accreditation.

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