Nature hotel room in a megalopolis

19 Apr. 2016

Most of us believe the future of hospitality will revolve around technology. We easily imagine ourselves living a virtual experience in a physical world: being surrounded with robotics while having digital interactions with our rooms or appliances, and more so with other people. A bit like the movie “HER”.

Can we however imagine a future without instant gratification through new technological distractions or screens?

Very few take into consideration the fact that humanity needs nature to live; nature is about diversity, providing a peaceful environment and stimulating the five senses, helping us re-connect with ourselves. I am not condemming technology, on the contrary, but I believe the future will be about using technology to hide the technological side of life, creating a natural experience in a peaceful environment.

Today in order to experience nature, city dwellers escape to the countryside, to forests, wild places. But what about re-creating an "extreme" natural environment with the help of technological devices, in megalopolises like New York or Shanghai, where is it extremely difficult to access nature?

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What if you could change your chaotic city atmosphere into a peaceful environment using the latest technology,which would simulate a room in nature(i.e = Virtual Reality).

The concept would be experienced through the five senses :

Sight: Thanks to augmented reality, walls would display rivers, forest, lakes, natural panoramas, recreating natural lighting to give the illusion that the sun is actually in the room.

Touch: The tangible elements available in the room would capture the essence of nature: earth, plants, a waterfall shower...

Hearing: You would hear the sounds of nature(birds, rain) through hidden speakers, heightening the wilderness experience.

Smell: Natural smells would be produced (like what Google Nosetried to do)

Taste: A sensoral experience through the food that would be brought to the room (All fruits vegetables sourced directly from the hotel's garden)

Some of these features may already exist in certain types of hotels, but they are not integrated with virtual reality, at least to my knowledge.

The goal of such a future hotel would not just be to reflect current trends in society, but rather to completely reinvent an experience allowing guests to escape from their everyday life.

Author: Melchior Knellwolf
Picture credit: Attrap'Rêves

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