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24 Jul, 2017

As a culinary fan, you are probably always excited to try something new when it comes to food. Do you know that the same social media site that you view selfies of your old roommate is actually a culinary wonderland?

There is an Instagram account out there that will inspire nearly every culinary professional. Whether you are looking for quick recipes, recaps of culinary travels or complex techniques to take your skills to the next level, you’ll find it on Instagram.


This account is a stream of food recommendations from some of the other “big names” on Instagram. There is no better destination when you need help deciding what to order from a well-known restaurant.

The Xandwich

Talk about an IG with a niche. Follow The Xandwich and you will be treated to photographs and notes about every sandwich the account-holder enjoys from his home in London and during his travels.

Anna Barnett Cooks

Anna Barnett calls herself the reluctant vegetarian. However, you won’t be reluctant to follow her! She shares an insight to her world as a chef, author and home cook.

Food Network

It may seem so obvious to follow Food Network that you’ve forgotten to do so. This account offers posts from the staff as well as some of your favorite personalities on the network. Full of tips and ideas, you’ll be glad you clicked follow.

London Cheap Eats

LDNCheapEats is the place to go when you want to find food in London that is affordable, but tasty and fun. You’ll be treated to a wide variety of options and enjoy the beautiful photography of foods both simple and complex.

The Whole Food Diary

Who says whole foods aren’t any fun? Bloggers and Instagrammers Kezia and Jared share their journey with eating real, fresh ingredients to nurture their bodies and their palates. You’ll be inspired to try these creations yourself and bring whole food into your life.

Jamie Oliver

Does it surprise you that the most followed foodie on Instagram is Jamie Oliver? You’ve seen him on Food Network and now you can follow his adventures from your smartphone. The account features at home cooking tips as well as adventures in dining out.

Once you’ve followed these accounts, you’ll be rewarded with an Instagram feed full of recipes, travels and beautiful food. It is well worth the effort of involving yourself with the Instagram culinary community as there is no better way to stay current with cooking and dining trends around the world.

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