Culinary Arts: Cauliflower Tabouleh

Try making this recipe from our chefs.

 During this year's Sirha event, our Chefs: Philippe Gobet and Patrick Ogheard have given a live demonstration. They are sharing with us today this recipe.

Cauliflower tabouleh


  • 50g Yellow cauliflower
  • 50g Purple cauliflower
  • 50g Romanesco cauliflower
  • 1.5cl Canola oil - Sévery
  • 3g Lemon juice
  • 1g Salt


  • Grate the florets. Add salt, lemon juice and rapeseed oil. 
 Sirha Recipe final

Cauliflower foam

  • 200g Cauliflower
  • 10cl Hazelnut milk
  • 10cl Vegetable stock
  • 1g Agar-Agar
  • 3g Salt
  • 20g Vegetable foam (10%)


  • Cut the cauliflower, blanch in boiling water and drain.
  • Cook with hazelnut milk, vegetable stock.
  • Mix every-thing together, add the Agar-Agar and cook for two minutes.
  • Cool on ice and set aside. Add the vegetable foam and put in a siphon. 

Red cabbage coulis

  • 55g Red cabbage
  • 50g Apples - Boskoop
  • 10g Agave syrup
  • 5cl Barolo red wine
  • 0.5cl Barolo vinegar
  • 5cl Vegetable stock


  • Grate the red cabbage and apples with a large grater.
  • Mix with the other ingredients and cook for three hours in a vacuum bag at 83°C.
  • Mix and set aside.