Bucket list for a weekend getaway

During you EHL student life, you will be constantly looking for weekend activities and cities to visit with you friends. To help you out, we have put together a list of beautiful cities easily reachable from Lausanne.

We all love Lausanne, it is a great city to live in! Especially as a student, there are many activities to do and surroundings to discover. However, you may want to visit new places during the weekend (and even the holidays). Hereunder you can find a list of cities you can easily reach from Lausanne, either by train or by plane.

By train from Lausanne


Milan, Italy

3h20 journey

Known for its fashion and gastronomy, Milan is also a great city to visit for its history. From museums, churches and theatres to the well-known Duomo, Milan is the perfect destination if you don’t want to choose one particular highlight. You are sure to find interesting exhibitions and shows, no matter when you go just make sure to buy tickets in advance as they might be sold out on the day you plan to visit.

When should you visit Milan? Spring and fall are definitely the best times to go as the temperature and weather are ideal to stroll around and get the best views of the city. Plus, in the evening the weather is still nice enough to enjoy a nice aperitivo.

Paris, France

3h45 journey

One weekend is obviously not enough to visit Paris, it has so many beautiful things to visit! From castles, museums and operas to beautiful gardens, every “arrondissement” of Paris is full of gems everywhere you look. When you are there, you should definitely visit the city by foot as you will get a chance to observe the gorgeous architecture you would otherwise miss.

When should you visit Paris? There is no better time to visit Paris as every season has its own charm: in spring you can admire beautiful blooms, in fall there are many free exhibitions as well as the Montmartre Wine Harvest and during winter you can enjoy Christmas decorations. Summer may be the worst time to go because of the high temperatures and number of tourists strolling around the city.

Lyon, France

3h15 journey

The city’s large historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site which, by itself, is a reason to visit Lyon over the weekend. As the gastronomic capital of France, it is the perfect destination for foodies: from Michelin starred restaurants to more traditional bistros you are sure to find something to satisfy your culinary curiosity. Visiting the city by foot will allow you to discover the narrow streets of the historic centre.

When should you visit Lyon? The beginning of December is definitely the best moment to visit the city even though it might be packed with tourists. At this time of the year, Lyon hosts the Festival of Lights during which over 40 light installations all around the city give it a magical atmosphere by illuminating buildings, streets and parks.

By plane from Geneva


London, UK

1h40 flight

London is the most visited city in Europe. Thanks to its recognizable architecture, it is also one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. You will always find something to do and see: London is home to some of the world’s best art, entertainment, history and shopping. Make sure you think in advance about the itinerary you wish to follow as it is a big city and you want to optimize your time as much as you can.

When should you visit London? If you wish to avoid the rain, famous weather condition in London, you may want to visit the city in summer. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful green spaces of London together with its rooftop bars.

Barcelona, Spain

1h30 flight

A fan of football? Or food? Or endless good weather? Then you have to visit Barcelona. A unique Mediterranean city known for its art and architecture. The numerous festivities around the city are the perfect opportunity to getting to know the Spanish fiesta. Besides, who doesn’t love the opportunity to go to a beautiful beach so close to the city?

When should you visit Barcelona? At almost any time of the year you are sure to find nice weather. However, the best moment would be at the beginning of fall: mass tourism will be long gone but you will still have the perfect weather to enjoy a beach day and then sit on a terrace and savour delicious tapas.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1h45 flight

Amsterdam is a city full of historical buildings and museums combined with a friendly atmosphere all around. It is very pleasant to stroll around Amsterdam thanks to its many green spaces and canals. It is a great destination for those of you who wish to have a sporty weekend as you can bike through the whole city and therefore admire it from a different perspective.

When should you visit Amsterdam? The best moment to visit the city is either April to May or September to November. These months will give you the best views of Amsterdam: you’ll get to admire the wonderful tulip fields in spring and enjoy a balmy canal cruise in autumn.


Here are a list of cities that include everything you can wish for when visiting a city: food, culture and Instagram-worthy spots. You definitely need to include them in your weekend bucket lists with your friends.

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