The Berceau des Sens Embraces a new Look

The restaurant of EHL gets a very successful facelift.

The Berceau des Sens (16/20 on GaultMillau) has been given a new look. The new oak floor, laid in rafters, is magnificent and brightens the entire restoration space by reflecting the soft light diffused by a constellation of clouds of Japanese paper luminaires. The tables, previously square, are now round, in a more gastronomic style, and open to the centre of the large rectangular room, where a central island dedicated to service now stands.


Students, necessarily intimidated, tended, in the old layout, to hide sometimes in the corners. From now on, they will have to work in the centre of the room, surrounded by spectators who will not miss anything of their sometimes feverish developments. Because we come to EHL both to taste Cédric Bourassin's creative cuisine and to attend the ballet of the twenty or so apprentice waiters assisted by their supervisors. Visitors will also enjoy the spectacle of the uncorking and decanting of the great vintages displayed on an entire wall of the restaurant.







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