9 things to do the summer before joining EHL

The months before college starts offer you a unique opportunity to prep for school and enjoy life.

Here are 10 things you can do to maximize this time:

1. Contact your roommate

Begin to build a relationship with your roommate. As you talk, you can also decide what dorm items you’ll each bring and set rules for quiet hours or visitors.

2. Shop for your dresscode attire

Use the checklist provided by EHL or ask experienced students for recommendations on what to buy.

3. Learn more about Lausanne

We know. Discovering a new city is not easy. Start researching Lausanne, its monuments, hangout spots, restaurants, activities, etc. Tips: Check our the city's tourism website, blogs, and instagram or other paltforms.

4. Research committees

Thought is it not easy to juggle between classes and extra-curricular activities during your first semester. Research and choose at least one committee you would like to join and attend their events whenever you can. You’ll make friends and begin to build professional relationships as you get involved on campus.

5. Consider learning a few word of French

If you are coming from abroad, start learning the French basics. Thought Lausanne offers an international environment, it will be beneficial for yu grasp the culture. We’ve put together a list of the five best free language learning apps to help you begin your journey.

6. Get a head start with your studies

EHL usually doesn't require advanced reading or essays but you might want to get a head start by ready the blog and getting to know more about the hospitality industry. You can also review your high school classwork, improve your reading skills and practice time management as you prepare for college success.  

7. Prep your social media accounts

Make a LinkedIn profile and join your school and class social media pages. Also, take time to remove any embarrassing content on your social media profiles as you begin to build your professional reputation. 

8. Indulge in your favorite hobby or learn a new skill

Before the pressure of school starts again, make time for fun and relaxing hobbies, such as drawing, hiking or sports. You could also use your free time to learn a new skill that will enhance your life and help you succeed.

9. Take it easy

Relax and enjoy the last few months before your adult responsibility officially starts. Make sure to spend extra time with your family and friends, too.

Use the months before college to prepare for this next big life adventure. By doing these 10 things, you get ready for school and enjoy this season of life.