6 items you will regret not buying before joining EHL

Just like other college students, you have plenty of things to pack for university. We have prepared for you a checklist of 6 essentials items during your time at EHL

There you are, you freshly got accepted at EHL! The closer you get to your first day and the higher your level of excitement rises.

Just like other college students, you have plenty of things not to forget when packing for university. But conversely to other college students, you are going to EHL, which means there are essentials you must possess and that you’re going to use on a daily basis without even realizing.

Here is your checklist:

1. A laptop

Essential is an understatement. This is even impossible to forget it at home during weekdays: your laptop will be a part of you. Your entire courses, resources and documents are uploaded on the intranet, and it is necessary to have a direct access to them in class. Plus, you will have works, group works (and group works, again) to carry out on softwares and PowerPoint.

Then, after a good and satisfying day of work, it is for sure appreciable to enjoy watching a movie or Skyping with your family! So to make it short, invest in a solid laptop.

2. Suitable outfits

Of course, there is the EHL dress code to respect, which means you need to have a couple of business attires ready. Blazer, shoes, ties… More than half of your luggage will be filled with it. But there is no such a thing than changing and wearing casual clothes at the end of the day! So don’t forget to buy jogs and hoodies to feel comfortable enough in your spare time.

3. Alarm clock

This is again a key element, something you must not forget to bring (and to set, of course). The preparatory year will ask you to literally break your habits, in terms of lifestyle. Starting a bakery class or setting up the bar at 6:00 am, you will need to be fully awake quite early in the morning.

Even later, during your bachelor program, an alarm clock is never not helpful if you wish to attend a morning class or an important meeting!

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4. Portable power bank

Try to imagine the situation: it is noon, you have an important lunch with someone but your phone ran out of battery and you don’t know where to meet. Or else, you have a phone interview but your mobile just died… These are just a few examples of stressful and undesirable situations caused when you can’t use your phone. And even if yes, this is so appreciable to be free of your mobile from time to time, it fully is a work tool at EHL. So always carry a little power bank in your bag, it’s not heavy and it might save your day.

5. Sports equipment

Yes, EHL students practice sports, a lot and will do even more with the new upcoming campus fitness facilities. Having a complete equipment is consequently never too much if you wish to relax and spend a good time working out, on your own or with your friends.

Also be aware that the campus is located next to a nice forest, fitted with a fitness trail to enjoy when the sun comes out. So if you aren’t a sport addict yet, get ready to be one real soon and bring your gear!

6. Earphones

Last but not least, earphones are something you will use quite often as a student. Starting a huge day or being stressed about a special event, earphones are a necessity to isolate and relax. Secondly, you will probably have to study at school, in the middle of the food court sometimes, so carrying these will save you and help you to create a work bubble when needed.

Author: Léo Kleinpeter, EHL Bachelor student

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