5 EHL students advice to get over a bad day

Here are 5 EHL students advice to smile all day long without even faking it.

There is usually no bad day when you study at EHL. But still, sometimes you wake up with a grouchy mood, miss your bus, your morning coffee or get an unpleasant call. Adding to this an excessive amount of stress and a busy schedule, it is definitely not motivating to get (or try to get) through it.

But it’s not impossible either. Lousy days don’t obviously lead to a “movie & ice-cream night” (although we all love treating ourselves this way). There are many more manners to enjoy your day and go beyond the negative vibes you feel!

Here are 5 EHL students advice to smile all day long without even faking it.

1. Don’t chase happiness, embody it

OK, this may sound too romantic. But being positive and sharing this positivity around you is more rewarding than you think. Aren’t you agree that we all love being surrounded by cheerful people? The reason is human beings interact and behave the same way their interlocutors do. This has nothing to do with hypocrisy or personality disorder, it is just an unconscious way to be accepted and appreciated by society. So spread a few good vibes and you will instantly get back a bunch of it.

On another hand, keep in mind that the situation could be worse, so be grateful. It’s actually just a state of mind to adopt: there are positive sides in every situations you’re involved in, always. So keep looking for them and be optimist, you’ll move forward way faster.

2. Grab a coffee, wear your earplugs & relax

We are evolving in a society, a world in which human connections represent everything. But we all need quiet moments, on our own and there is nothing wrong with it. So when you feel like you’re unable to pronounce a single word or to say a coherent sentence, just leave it all behind you for a few minutes. It’s OK feeling bad. Smell a fresh coffee, go for a walk in the middle of nowhere or create your own bubble listening to your favorite “pump me up” song: it doesn’t matter, as long as you can meditate, introspect and relax.

Talking about relaxation, this habit is ever-popular nowadays, as our work rhythm is itself more and more intense. Focusing on your breathe for example, reduces blood pressure, muscle tension and anxiety. As a direct consequence, you’re more eager to completely deal with your emotions and be fully aware of yourself. Have a try!

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3. Don’t drop the movement

Getting over a bad day usually requires you to make efforts, which is I recognized, truly terrible when you already feel lowest than the ground. But renewing your ideas is sometimes the best thing to do. So go for a little run, take out your sport outfit and express your anger at the gym… Whatever you choose to do, sport is a cure itself.

In fact, a physical effort infers the creation of hormones such as dopamine and endorphin, who have a core role in the general mental wellness. Practicing at least half an hour of sport a day would procure enough hormones to the organism to feel a serious momentum of motivation and pleasure. What else could be more beneficial and efficient when you don’t have any more of these?

4. Keep perspective

We’ve talked a lot about relaxation, sports and mind works to try to forget for a while the problems. But what if getting over them actually means directly facing them all? It could be worth the try asking yourself why you’re not into a good mood or even if there really is an issue with anything.

If so, well, take a deep breath and start working it out: clarify the situation, think and evaluate different possibilities and build a plan of action. Whether you choose to undertake it or not, it will help you to keep perspective and move forward. The more you think about the issue, the faster you’ll grow.

5. Friends, family & fun

Last advice (and probably the more appreciated and helpful one): talk and laugh! There must be someone around you, whether among your friends or your family, you feel particularly good with. And even if this is not for sharing confidences, it will help you to renew your ideas and have some distractions. Talking about distractions, laughing a few minutes a day would be as beneficial for the mental wellness as doing sport, according to scientists. Plus, self-mockery is definitely a way to get over a little mental breakdown as it increases your self-confidence.

So ask for an evening out, a drink and have a good time! This might truly be the best way to get over a rough day.

LĂ©o Kleinpeter, EHL Bachelor Student

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