125 years and a culinary journey around the colors of the world

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne for this special evening in celebration of our 125th anniversary. The menu “Couleurs du Monde”, « World’s colours » has been created and carried out by Philippe Gobet, Executive Chef at EHL together with his teams.

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne celebrates its 125th anniversary in company of the Federal Counsellor Johann Schneider-Amman as well as numerous cantonal and municipal political figures.

Greeting will be followed by the show Un rêve pour demain” (“A dream for tomorrow”) conceived and created exclusively for this occasion by Anne Richard and Viviane Bonelli, with a musical design from Hervé Klopfenstein.

The menu Couleurs du Monde”, « World’s colours » has been created and carried out by Philippe Gobet, Executive Chef at EHL together with his teams. 

Philippe Gobet, Executive Chef at EHL with his teams offer you a culinary journey through the colors of the world, to discover the 125 years of the School and the various origins of our students, a source of cultural wealth and endless inspiration.

Amongts their creations:

“Caviar coup de Coeur”

Excellence, discovery and union. For this gastronomic atelier, where two arts come together in order to generate a tasting curiosity, dive additional sense to noble material and to spark pleasure.

Only the best caviar at its finest simplicity, and its perfect union with Lapsang Souchong black tea, the tiger tea! Such a preparation enhances the caviar’s quality and exalts the delicacy of its taste. Crunchy crisps or mellow toasts give the ideal texture play.

As a tribute to Joël Robuchon, the caviar lobster aspic and the cauliflower cream, the perfect marriage from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

“Truffle, foie gras and cuisine”

A light poetry emerges from the simplicity of the duck fois gras sublimed by a few truffle shavings. We invite you to discover, without further ado, a dream within range of lips, or a truffle langoustine ravioli with a foie gras sauce. 

As if by magic, the smoothness of the fragrance metamorphoses into a delicious eating sensation thanks to the authenticity of the summer duck foie gras. Do not hesitate to spread this poetry on a crunchy slice of bread.

“Le Boeuf joue la couleur”, « Beef plays with color »

Cuisine is a snapshot of society: it is the expression of different sensibilities. It evolves, soaks the entire world, boundaries are abolished. Encounters between tradition and evolution are born from subtle flavors. Like the beef…

In a sesame-flavored tataki, along with a wakamé puree and a crunchy peas salad. Made up as spiced sushi or with foie gras.

Auguste Escoffier’s sole “Bonne Femme”

The sole distinguishes itself by its soft and scrumptious flesh. An intense tasting that will satisfy amateurs and connoisseurs. All subtly prepared by our Chefs.

A simple and minutely discernable recipe, sole filets veiled into a delicate aroma, some cream, a few mushrooms, and the whole beautified by a puff pastry jewel.

Chocolate Millefeuille

As everyone knows, flavors go back to childhood, to those moments in which each one of us remembers discovering that bliss can enjoyed in small bites. Just as this chocolate Millefeuille, crunchy and smooth, raised by orange zest and refined by a citrus sorbet.

A duality which fulfills your mouth, both by the subtle taste of chocolate and by the invigorating sorbet.

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