Young Hoteliers Summit Takeaway Quotes

EHL Students - Bachelor | 29 Mar, 2016
The 7th edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit took place a couple of weeks ago at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and we thought there would be no better way to sum it up than by presenting you with a couple of insightful quotes from the industry leaders who were present during the event.


“What we are seeing from consumer research is that the preparation of the trip is what people enjoy the most.”

Huda Malhas, Corporate Director of Marketing Communication EMEA at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts 

“I think it is really important for companies to work with external experts because you can put every security you want in place but without external companies reviewing it, you are only testing yourself.”

Julia Aymonier, Chief Information Officer at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne 

“Loyalty is key, and loyalty is critical. Because cost of acquisition for a new customer is becoming much bigger.”

Kevin Mauffrez, Director of Market Management at Expedia 

“Big Data is definitely an opportunity for the industry. If we look at the property management system (PMS) system right now, it is basically a data graveyard. You put a lot of data inside but you don’t really extract it and make efficient use of it. Using this data, smashing the walls down could really improve the hotel experience for guests.”

Jannik Lempken, Business Development Manager at Conichi 

Young Hoteliers Summit Takeaway Quotes


“Get broad exposure! A valuable candidate is one who has been on both sides. The hotel and the OTA side.”
Genevieve Materne, Director of Distribution Strategy EMEA at Starwood Hotels & Resorts

“Be patiently impatient! As you work your way up be always looking for your next move but don’t be too quick to move on because as you stay longer at companies you can learn more.”
Oliver Judge, Managing Director at Hetherly Capital Partners

“Network, network, network! The relationships you create as you go through the institutions you are studying at now should be lifelong relationships.”
Jonathan Langston, Chief Operating Officer at CBRE Hotels  

“You were given two eyes, two ears but only one mouth so use them in proportion. It is particularly interesting for the hospitality industry. Watch what is going on, listen to what your customers are telling you and choose how you respond.”
Katharine Le Quesne, Senior Director at Deloitte 

Young Hoteliers Summit Takeaway Quotes

Author: Angela Mitteldorf, EHL Bachelor student

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