Why Professional Development Matters for your Career

EHL Editorial Team | 20 Mar, 2017

In today's ever-competitive global economy, it is critical that both young professionals and experienced managers go the extra mile in order to set themselves apart from other industry employees. Professional development increases marketability of individuals and furthers their reach within the hospitality industry.

Professional development increases marketability of individuals and furthers their reach within the hospitality industry. It consists of several different types of opportunities for people in the workforce who want to learn more about their industry, their field, their job position and related technology. Ultimately, professional development can be defined as an opportunity that allows an individual to gain new knowledge or acquire additional skills in order to further their career.

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Professional development has become increasingly important to those who are in the job market, particularly those who are seeking employment within the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses are seeking applicants who not only have a general understanding of the field but who also can utilize the latest skills, technology and trends in order to perform well within their role. According to an article posted on LinkedIn, professional development is key to surviving in an increasingly competitive, global job market.

LinkedIn statistics reveal that more than 907,000 members of the professional social networking site list professional development as one of their skills. This staggering number proves that this characteristic is relevant across all industries, but it's particularly beneficial to those in the hospitality management field. By enhancing your hospitality degree with a specialized certificate or by enrolling in a professional development course that focuses on new technology within the hospitality industry, candidates become qualified for advanced positions and niche opportunities throughout the industry.

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Some opportunities for professional development in the hospitality industry include:

  • Participating in a professional development conference or seminar. These programs tend to focus on one key topic, and provide participants with in-depth information and action items that they can bring back to their professional roles. Author Alexandra Levit told U.S. News and World Report in an interview that professional development is the key to remaining relevant in the job market."If you don't focus on professional development, you won't be marketable in your field in five years," Levit explained.
  • Enrolling in an Advanced Certificate program. Recent graduates and experienced professionals have an opportunity to continue their education by enrolling in the EHL Advanced Certificate programs, which are launching this year. The first program that will be released is the Revenue Management Course, which begins in May 2017. Through these certificate programs, participants can enhance their resume and seek additional opportunities within the hospitality industry.

Regardless of the industry, no professional's education is ever complete until the day they retire. There's always new technology to explore, new trends to implement and new data to analyze. This is particularly true in the hospitality industry, which is frequently changing in order to adapt to the demands of consumers. By earning an advanced certificate or enrolling in a professional development seminar, professionals can further their career opportunities while also gaining a better understanding of their chosen industry.

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