The Rosemont Hotel: a new definition of Five-Star Luxury

EHL Editorial Team | 21 Jan, 2016

What do you get when you combine the extreme opulence of Dubai's urban oasis with travel and hospitality luxury niche brand, Hilton Curio?

The $300 million Rosemont Hotel and Residences, developed by ZAS Architecture. This hotel and resort will be the first in Hilton Worldwide's Curio collection - a carefully curated selection of the most luxurious, most unique, and most exclusive hotels and resorts in the world - slated to open in 2018.

But the Rosemont also boasts another first. Although many features set the Rosemont Hotel and Residences apart from other luxury hotels in Dubai's hotel landscape, from the towering 53-story glittering towers, to the 6,300-square foot presidential suite, and robotic baggage check, nothing compares to the one-of-a-kind 75,000-square-foot natural rainforest inside the hotel property. This is the first hotel in the world to feature a full-size natural rainforest and ecosystem.


The rainforest will recreate the flora and fauna of a real jungle by using recycled condensation to water plant life, and greenhouse principles to encourage growth and life. Guests can splash in the jungle's plunge pool, enjoy a meal at the high-end forest cafe, or lounge on the jungle's 12,000-square-foot sandless beach. Many of the forest's most sumptuous details are still being kept under wraps while the final details are hashed out.

The Rosemont pushes tourism and hospitality principles to the limit by creating an entire world within the resort. Guest will find a plush movie theater on site, a variety of gourmet restaurants, dance the night away at the resort's nightclub, enjoy world-class spa services, and so much more in this city within a city. It goes without saying that service will be on par with Dubai's reputation for being one of the most hospitable and luxurious cities in the world, so guests can expect to be pampered from the moment they enter the Rosemont to the moment they have to force themselves to leave.

This hotel raises the bar on hospitality and luxury in a city that is already known for it's over-the-top indulgence and futuristic technology. As hotels like the Rosemont continue to emerge and become the norm, the very definition of a five star hotel could change. Dubai's quest to take these concepts one step farther is changing the very industry landscape and challenging long-standing concepts and brands.

It may sound surreal, but we promise - seeing is believing.

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