People of EHL: the stories of our campus life

EHL Editorial Team | 19 Feb, 2016

As we will soon welcome new students for our February Intake, we thought it would be appropriate to showcase a couple of our students stories.

The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is home to 90 nationalities. Having students from all over the world means diverse backgrounds, personalities, stories, cultures, visions, ideas and objectives. All contributing to the legendary EHL spirit!

Directly inspired by “Humans of New York”, our “People of EHL” series is a Student / Staff initiative aiming to share bits of our campus life through the eyes of its daily residents. 

Discover all the portraits on our Instagram accounts:


Fabian aka Mr. Redpants (German) & Willem (Dutch): "We have a strong passion for capturing the essence of the moment through our filming and editing work, and being able to share this with others really makes it intrinsically rewarding. Because of this we started up Wi-Fey Media (inspired by our names) and hope to build something meaningful out of our passion."


Albane (French):“I like working at MBar. You meet a lot of different people. Some of them call me by my name, which is really weird for me, because I don’t even know most of them. But of course they see my nametag… I feel like the BOSCs treat us with a lot of respect, because they all have been here as well and they know how it feels. But if I could say one thing to them: Stay a bit longer. Not just take your coffee and go but stay and talk to us.”

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“When I stood on stage for the welcoming speech in front of the entire school, I was proud to welcome the next generation of EHL students. We might be as excited to welcome them as they are to be part of our family now. Everyone who is here should network as much as possible, manage their time wisely and be themselves. That’s the most important thing."


Constance: “I particularly appreciate the EHL spirit and the sense of belonging to a big family! The advice I could give to new students is to not be afraid, to not be shy! Sorry, but I have to go, my exam is starting in 5 minutes ...”


Luyanda: "My formula is sleep more than you study, study more than you party… but party as much as you can! That’s worked pretty well for me in the last two years and a half. It’s weird that we are over halfway done, but I am actually looking forward to graduation. I mean in AP we were all crying ‘cause we were chopping onions... But there, we’re going to be crying because we’re leaving. 😥 We’ve come full circle. What surprised me about Switzerland? It’s actually pretty sexy, didn’t expect it to look as good as it does "

Afrim: “I am a workaholic. I live 5 lifes: Family, Work, School, Fête Finale Committee, Friends. I am busy all the time, and when I have a moment to myself I mostly sleep. I got that from my dad and my granddad. I am a bad loser, but losing is a good thing. It makes me bounce back harder than before. I ran for FF president because I think going out is not about “just” going out, but about building memories. Memories you will share with your friends and in 10 years you will still talk about them. That is also the reason why I am Head of Events now: This is really the heart of the committee, the Thursday night parties. Without them there would be no Fête Finale.”

Anderson: "EHL has changed my life completely. I've never seen such a tight community with so much spirit and passion. I had always constantly learnt from my upperclassmen, and was always inspired by those around me. Today, I strive to create the best memories for the EHL student body and wish to also inspire others like I have been. EHL truly has brought to me the best years of my life, and I can't be anymore thankful for all the smiles and laughters around me. Now I'm about to move to Hong Kong for my second 6 months internship, and I can't wait to be a part of the EHL family in Hong Kong!"

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