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30 Mar, 2017

Top Tips to Manage and Protect Your Online Presence

Is your online presence an asset or a detriment to your future job search? Here's how you can create an effective online brand for yourself.

20 Mar, 2017

Why Professional Development Matters for your Career

In today's ever-competitive global economy, it is critical that both young professionals and experienced managers go the extra mile in order to set themselves apart from other...

16 Mar, 2017

Postcard from my Internship in Hong Kong

You have first discovered the story of his internship at Marriott International Asia Pacific, Hong Kong on Facebook

“My 6-month internship at the Design Development...

13 Mar, 2017

Will Communities or Individuals Determine the Future?

By 2030, multiple changes will occur and will influence the hospitality industry due to globalisation, one of them being a shift of market power. In the third thesis of the ...

9 Mar, 2017

Education vs Work Skills: What do Employers Really Look for?

Many of our students ask us whether education or hands-on experience matters more to employers. The reality is, this answer largely depends on the employer itself; but nearly 7...

6 Feb, 2017

Is Hospitality Becoming More Fragile or More Resilient?

By 2030, multiple changes will occur and will influence the hospitality industry due to global changes, one of them being an increase of vulnerability. The second thesis of the

27 Jan, 2017

Hospitality Industry key figures Infographic 2016

As we enter the New Year, EHL looks back at the worldwide Hospitality Industry key figures for 2016. Over the past six decades, tourism has experienced continued expansion and...

23 Jan, 2017

The Geopolitics of Hospitality

What roles do cooking and hospitality play in international relations? The Politics and Diplomacy of Cooking and Hospitality online course will help guide future leaders in the...

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