New Flavor, Classic Treat: Color Changing Ice Cream

EHL Editorial Team | 1 Feb, 2016

It's true. I scream, you scream, everyone (it seems in the entire world) screams for ice cream. Yes. Ice cream is a saturated market. It's been around for over 2,200 years and is consumed in almost every country in the world. New Zealand indulges most frequently, consuming nearly 29 liters per person per year. The United States and Australia are a fast follow with 20 and 18 liters respectively, while India and Indonesia bring up the rear with just 0.1 liters per year, according to Business Insider.

Tourism and hospitality leaders are now trying to put a new scoop on this classic favorite to disrupt the market and create new opportunities to satisfying the seemingly limitless demand for frozen treats.

New entrants into the market capitalize on the world's love for ice cream by combining it with the growing molecular gastronomy trend.  Chemists and physicists are finding ways to break down and repackage ice cream.

Think: NASA's commercialized brand of freeze dried ice cream, popular American Dip'n'Dots stands that serves ice cream in tiny pearls, or the emergence of liquid nitrogen in sorbets and frozen beverages.

One of the most disruptive inventions is color changing ice cream, such as entrepreneurial leader IceXperience, that changes from a cool blue to warm pink as you lick toward the cone.

Spanish physicist Manuel Linares is working on a patent for his secret recipe, which drew inspiration from color changing iguanas. The implications for hospitality leaders and marketers is endless. From personalized ice cream flavors to campaigns for movies, sporting events, and holidays, color changing ice cream adds a uniquely customizable, whimsical and - dare we say even magical - edge to this beloved children's treat. We're very confident adults will love it too. After all, we're all just kids at heart.

Even the most established products and industries have the power to transform a hospitality experience from good to great with a little creativity, color, and imagination. Hotels, restaurants, and tourism destinations should be screaming for this new product in no time.

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