The 6 Hospitality Industry Trends that will Shape your Future

EHL Editorial Team | 16 Dec, 2016

What will the hospitality industry look like in 2030? Curious about how your business might be affected? What actions should you be taking to remain competitive?

In the Lausanne Report, EHL - in cooperation with hospitality experts - provides six theses on key hospitality trends that will impact the industry by 2030. Based on scenario planning, the report examines possible future hotel trends, and stimulates debates. 

“What we have produced isn’t an endpoint. Rather, the Lausanne Report is the starting point in a new era of collaborative reflection with our prominent faculty members. EHL takes pride in what it contributes to the industry and the Lausanne Report is no exception. I am confident that the close collaboration with some of the brightest global business leaders will spark the right conversations to navigate across the next couple of decades.” 
explains Mr Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL

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Each of the six theses explores a future trend set to change the hospitality industry and explores two opposite scenarios. These will be unveiled independently every month. 

Read the first chapter of the Lausanne Report now!

#1 Shift of Market Power
“Will Globalisation fragment or consolidate the hospitality industry?”

#2 Vulnerability on the Rise
“Is hospitality becoming more fragile or more resilient?”

#3 In Search of a Sense of Belonging
“Will communities or individuals determine the future?”

#4 The Emotional Experience
“Does the guest of the future want high tech or high touch?”

#5 Smart Hotels depend on Smart Destinations
“Will smart hotels be autonomous or connected?”

#6 The Scope of Knowledge
“Must future talents be empathic or efficient?”

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By 2030 the hospitality industry will have experienced many changes. EHL's Lausanne Report can help gain a better understanding of what to expect, and help prepare for the future. 

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