How to Interview Like a Pro? Recruiters’ Expectations

EHL Editorial Team | 11 Nov, 2015

Next in our series of 8 blog posts: Our internship and career office manager, Eric Molle, describes How to mentally prepare for the interview by learning what skills the recruiters expect from strong candidates.


When you know what the recruiters expect to see in a strong candidate, you can position yourself in a good light and avoid making missteps that could derail your chances. In a guest-facing hospitality internship position, recruiters want to see that you are business oriented and display a strong customer service attitude. They want a candidate who is willing to learn, yet has the basic skills and genuine interest.

For an administrative internship or a first job for a young bachelor graduate,recruiters want to see creativity, interest, skills, professionalism, and good mastery of technical requirements. If you can demonstrate these strengths, plus show how you work well with teams or on complicated projects, you will impress the interview committee. 

Rather than intimidate you, knowing expectations can bolster your confidence - or show you where to demonstrate that willingness to learn.

Get inspired by reading some employers’ testimonials. 

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