How to Interview Like a Pro? Physical Preparation

EHL Editorial Team | 2 Nov, 2015

It is not all in your head! The next tip from our internship and career office manager, Eric Molle helps you to physically prepare for your interview. 


When it comes to making a positive impression for a job interview, it is vital that you look the part. Men should be clean shaven and have well-pressed clean business clothing. Women should have clean, well-pressed business attire and wear light makeup.

In hospitality, suit and tie is typical for men; skirt or pants suit is typical for women. If the particular company has a more casual dress code, then you can adapt your outfit to that. However you only have on chance to make a good first impression.

It is important to look well-rested and alert. Do not stay out late the night before an interview; take breakfast to raise your energy levels beforehand.

If you have a phone interview via Skype, take the precaution of cleaning up the environment around you. Room clutter such as furniture, fluorescent lighting, or distracting wall art could distract the interviewer from your answers. 

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