How to Interview Like a Pro? Mental Preparation Part 1

EHL Editorial Team | 13 Oct, 2015

Are you seeking your first internship or job? 

The Ecole hotelière de Lausanne “How to interview like a pro?” blog series, will help you succeed. Our internship and career office manager, Eric Molle delivers targeted tips on how EHL students can land a competitive job or internship and take the next step in their career.

Today he explains how to mentally prepare for your interview by gathering knowledge.


Whether you have a week or a day to prepare for an interview, you will make the best impression if you demonstrate that you understand the mission and vision of the company, and how the role you are interviewing for fits with these objectives. 

In the hospitality industry, we recommend focusing on key figures and specifics to the industry and company. For example, you should know how many rooms a hotel has, when peak season is, and how the hotel is ranked online.
Make sure you understand what the company is expecting from candidates applying for the position, then demonstrate company knowledge through your answers to common interview questions. You'll also need to be ready for common interview questions about your hospitality skills and experience.

Practice answering common interview questions and integrating what you've learned from your research to come across as a knowledgeable, well-qualified candidate.

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tudents, parents and school counselors: Meet us and discover EHL.
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