What you should know before the end of a job interview?

EHL Editorial Team | 10 Dec, 2015

To complete EHL’s “How to interview like a pro?” blog series; our internship and career office manager, Eric Molle, answers this important question: What you should know by the end of the interview?

 How to Interview Like a Pro? What you should know before the end of the Interview?

Learning what you should know by the end of the interview helps you ask all the right questions during the interview, and sets your expectations for what should happen next.

By the end of the interview, make sure that you understand (if you don't already know):

• The position pre-requisites and requirements
• The structure of the team/department where you will be working
• What the work ambiance/culture is like
• Why there is an open position? Is it a new position, or did someone leave?
• When the committee plans to make a decision, or what the next steps are in the hiring process?

There are some things that should wait until a second round interview. Avoid asking about company benefits, vacation/days off, overtime pay, or salary until you receive a follow-up interview. Asking too soon sends the wrong message to the committee.

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