How to Interview Like a Pro? Format and Length

EHL Editorial Team | 17 Nov, 2015

Wondering what to expect in terms of length and format at your next hospitality interview? EHL’s internship and career office manager, Eric Molle, shares his insights below.

How to Interview Like a Pro? Format and Length

A short interview can mean either that the fit is great and the company is excited about you, or that they do not think there is a good match and are not seriously considering you. A long interview can mean that the interview is great, or that you are not speaking to your strengths and the recruiter is pushing for more information that could change his or her mind. It can be difficult, but try not to overthink interview length.

In terms of interview format for jobs in hospitality, expect a discussion where your interviewer will pose questions for you to answer. Sometimes, you may also be expected to take a quiz, language test, or other written exam.

Be ready for all options, and try your best to remain calm and composed during the entire interview.

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