Employer Testimonial: Philip Morris International

EHL Editorial Team | 1 Sep, 2016

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One of the main strengths of EHL’s Bachelor program is the opportunity to apply theoretical skills in a real life situation. During the four year curriculum, students have to conduct two internships, one during the preparatory year and one in their second Bachelor year.

While finding an internship is part of the student’s responsibility, many companies come back to campus and participate in career fairs to recruit more interns.

Rebecca de Léon, Manager GS Hospitality Services at Philip Morris International and EHL alumna has already hired 8 interns since her first hire in 2013.

The  experience PMI had with EHL interns has been very positive. In fact, we have  started hiring more and more since, mainly in General Services or HR departments,” she tells us.  

REC_PMI_Interns.jpgThanks to PMI, Kaja from Norway, Sophie from Switzerland and Kavash from America
  had the opportunity to work in a large international company during their second internship


Skills and qualities she values most are their great sense of service. “They think fast, are resourceful and have the proper attitude

According to Rebecca, EHL students are enthusiastic and want to make a difference. They have very interesting backgrounds that help bring innovative ideas.


REC_PMI_Rebecca.jpgRebecca and Sophie have been working together during 6 months

When asked about success stories, Rebecca remembers many. One of the most rewarding things is when a former intern finds a job where he can apply what he learnt and most importantly has fun doing it.

A testament to her decision for hiring EHL interns is when another department PMI comes and tries to “steal” her interns.


Rebecca’s tip on how to hire the right intern is to recruit them as you would be recruiting permanent staff, “You should take the time to clearly define what you expect from them in terms of deliverables and what you will teach them.


It is common knowledge that completing a good internships can often lead to employment after graduation but the contacts made during an internship are highly valuable as well. Some former interns had the opportunity to join Rebecca’s team as employees or made contacts to work for contracted companies such as catering.

REC_PMI_GroupPicture.jpgThe Alumni Relations department visited our Alumni employed at the Lausanne Office last spring

EHL graduates are people-oriented and their skills can be valuable in many companies' administration.

Philip Morris International is a great example of companies not directly linked to the hospitality industry that are hiring EHL graduates. Their staff is composed of many EHL alumni holding positions in Social Media Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Sales.

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