EHLfamily: 2013, EHL turns 120

EHL Alumni | 13 Dec, 2016

In 2013, EHL celebrated its 120th birthday. It was a year filled with accomplishments for EHL and its Alumni Network.

Only few months after the management of the Alumni Department was handed over from its second Director, Mr. Matthew Crudginton (EHL alumnus 1998), to its 3rd and first female Director, Ms. Valérie De Corte (EHL alumnus 1998), the AEHL team organized the first edition of its now yearly and much awaited Alumni Gala.

The event took place at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and attracted 150 alumni from Australia to Venezuela! An exclusive “sound and light” firework was presented for the occasion.


2013 Alumni team from Left to right: Thomas Hartleyb (EHL '89), Valérie De Corte (EHL '98), Viola Vahldieck (EHL '12), Guiliana Levy (EHL '14, Student Council Alumni Cordinator), missing: Anne Treacy-Pelichet (EHL '88)

The same year, EHL diversified the food and beverage offering on campus with the opening of a new Foodcourt, Finger Food, Passerelle Bar and a boutique.

Moreover, the ‘partial occupancy plan’ was approved after 10 year of negotiations with the local and canton authorities. This important milestone launched an international architectural contest “A campus for students designed by students", which laid the foundations of our future campus project.

Finally, as a part of EHL’s development plan, in December 2013 the Board of Governors approved the acquisition of the Swiss School for Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH), in Passugg in the Grisons canton. This allowed EHL to create an educational offer unique in Switzerland, ranging from apprenticeships to Master degrees.

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