EHLFamily: 1999, Fête Universelle

EHL Alumni | 19 Aug, 2016

EHL’s Alumni Network counts today more than 140 different nationalities.

Whilst the mix and mingling of cultures in EHL’s everyday life is one of its biggest strengths, there is one special day each year where people from a same nationality work together as a team and showcase their country's culture to the EHL community.

Back in the late 90’s the traditional student run event “Fête Universelle” (French for Universal Celebration) was already a great success.

The concept is simple and timeless: each nationality has the possibility to hold a stand and serve food and drinks from their country. The decoration and outfits range from traditional to crazy clichés.


The campus is completely transformed and the diversity of nationalities and cultural backgrounds is visible more than ever.

Even after throwing the same party for twenty years, our students improve and innovate year after year. Have a look at the behind the scene pictures of the 2015 edition.

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