EHLfamily: 1996, First Program in English

EHL Alumni | 27 Jul, 2016

Today, even the students participating in the French section of EHL's Bachelor program have to present English Certificates. It is almost unimaginable that only twenty years ago the same program was only taught in French!

The school has always attracted many international students and some of them didn’t speak much of the second Swiss national language before coming to Lausanne. In order to start their studies at EHL, they had to participate in a preparatory course during summer, which included an intensive course on gastronomic vocabulary.    

The French language still remains important in our culture and even if some forgot about most of their French, our alumni love to get back in touch with their Alma Mater in their language of study.

In 1996, things changed with the project called “Open”; for the first time in EHL’s history, an English section was launched.

The English section was meant to be identical to the French program. Therefore class books had to be translated and teachers trained.

More than 50 staff members participated in an intensive English course and some even benefited from a language trip to England.

Two decades later, due to the importance of English in business, even French nationals choose Shakespeare’s language for their studies. The French section, however, still represent about 40% of our students.

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