EHLfamily: 1987, The end of the Waiting List

EHL Alumni | 22 Jun, 2016

Did you know that until 1987, EHL candidates had to register on a waiting list to get a spot in our classes? Some even registered as early as age 12!

In 1987, it was decided to transform this process in order to reduce waiting times, ensure that selected students meet the requirements of a qualitative vocational training and further adapt our education with industry needs.

The development of entrance or application tests were carried out in close collaboration with Professor Goldschmidt, who held the Teaching Chair at EPFL.

The application file included an English Certificate (Cambridge), a typing certificate, a proof of a two-month internship and a medical certificate.

The tests covered subjects such as mathematics, French, hospitality and general cultural knowledge, problem solving, nonverbal and verbal intellectual ability.

In addition to the tests, each candidate had to do a 15-minute interview with a professor and an hotelier covering the following topics: understanding of French, ease of contact, interest and suitability for the profession, presentation and savoir-vivre.

An overall result was calculated for each candidate and the selected students were accepted on this basis. They would begin their studies six months after the selection process and could apply again if they were not accepted.

The first entrance exam in "Section A" was conducted in French and took place on the 25th and 24th of August 1987. It was held simultaneously in Lausanne (148 participants), Paris (25 participants), Montreal (3 participants) ... and Mexico (1 participant).

Finally, if one looks at the current admission requirements and procedure, the basics have not changed. In 2015, our admissions officers held recruitment and information sessions in 65 countries.

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