EHLfamily: 1975, On the move, again

EHL Alumni | 20 May, 2016

The new construction project started in 1970, when the buildings in Avenue de Cour truly became too small.

Five years later, on September 19th 1975, only 18 months after the laying of the first foundation stone, the property at Chalet-à-Gobet welcomed its first students.

Later, in 1976, while EHL's Alumni Association already celebrated its 50th anniversary, the new buildings were officially inaugurated, in the presence of 455 guests.

AEHL-1975-ChaletAGobet_exterior.jpg   Picture: A brand new school, in the middle of Lausanne's countryside

The campus was designed as a hotel, where students would be able to work and practice in its different departments. Our Alumni association found a new home on campus as well and settled in La Ferme.

AEHL-1975-ChaletAGobet_interior.jpg   Picture: Service Class in 1976, with Mr. Miglioranzi

Did you know that the foundation stone contains a message for the future generations? This message is signed by Charles Leppin, President of the Société Suisse des Hôteliers at the time, Carlo De Mercurio, President of the Board of Directors, and Marcel Burri President of the Building Commission.

Since then, EHL’s Campus is still rooted in the heights of Lausanne. It has undergone many changes and improvements and you should definitely follow our latest construction projects!

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